Substance Use Evaluation & Assessment Programs

If you are concerned about your substance use or mental health or if you have been misdiagnosed, we will guide you to treatment that is right for you.

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At a Glance

  • Caron Renaissance’s Diagnostic Assessment Program

    provides a thorough evaluation of mental health and addiction concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders and process-driven disorders such as gaming, gambling addiction, eating disorders, and sexual compulsivity.

  • Caron Pennsylvania’s Residential Assessment Program

    offers a comprehensive picture of the individual, including substance use disorder history, physical and psychological conditions, and any co-occurring disorders.

Pennsylvania | Florida

Highlights of Our Assessment Programs

Caron’s Assessment Programs, in both Florida and Pennsylvania, offer you and your family a clear diagnosis and recommendations for treatment that are customized to meet your needs, whether that treatment is at Caron or elsewhere. If the right place for you is Caron, you can begin treatment immediately.

Both programs allow you to live in Caron housing so that you can focus completely on the assessment without the interference that peers, work, and family conflict can often pose. You are able to participate in our treatment programs as a patient, which provides critical additional support and structure during your assessment. You’ll also benefit from the opportunity to get to know other patients and experience the stability and support our programs provide.

Caron Renaissance's Diagnostic Assessment Program

Caron Renaissance is one of the few treatment providers in the nation that is dually licensed to treat both primary mental health and substance use disorders. We have the diagnostic tools and psychiatric acuity to evaluate and treat the whole patient — physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually.

The Diagnostic Assessment process typically lasts 10 days and includes:

  • A physical exam and review of medical records
  • Lab studies/blood panels to examine physical health and identify underlying issues
  • Screening for possible mental health and/or substance use disorders
  • Full psychiatric evaluation
  • Neuropsychological/ neurocognitive screening
  • Quantitative EEG brain mapping, a method of visually analyzing the brain’s electrical activity to derive quantitative patterns
  • Educational/vocational test batteries

Full Family System Assessment

A keystone of treatment at Caron Renaissance is our belief that mental health and substance use disorders affect the family as much as they do the individual. For that reason, the Diagnostic Assessment Program includes a full family system assessment conducted by an experienced therapist, who specializes in healing the family as a whole so it functions well for every member.

Treatment Recommendations

Once the assessment is completed, the clinical team will meet with you and your family and the referring provider to discuss the results and make treatment recommendations that best meet your needs and the needs of your family.

Caron Pennsylvania's Residential Assessment Program

Our onsite, full-time team of professionals works with you, your family, and, in some cases, the referring clinician to identify a substance use disorder and recommend the appropriate level of care needed. Co-occurring disorders, including compulsive behaviors and addiction interaction disorders, such as gambling, sex, and digital use among others, will also be identified for treatment.

The residential assessment varies in length with an average stay of seven days and includes:

  • Medical history and physical exam done by an addiction medicine physician
  • Psychological evaluations, when clinically indicated
  • Psychiatric evaluations, when clinically indicated
  • Neurocognitive screening, when clinically indicated
  • Lab studies, including pathology reports from hair and nail samples, to provide comprehensive drug screens
  • Family assessments
  • Gathering and review of comprehensive collateral information
  • Collaboration with referent(s), including family, and, upon request, other appropriate individuals

Family Participation

Families have a unique opportunity during the assessment to talk with other families and begin to create a community of peers who can provide much-needed support and understanding. In fact, in some cases, we welcome family members to participate in educational family programming before their loved one begins their residential assessment at Caron.

Treatment Recommendations

When the assessment is complete, the interdisciplinary team meets with the patient and family members (and referents when appropriate) to review the recommended level of care and length of stay. They also develop an individual treatment plan to address substance use disorders, medical concerns, co-occurring disorders, including trauma, anxiety, addiction interaction disorders (AID), and family involvement.

If needed, detoxification—safely ridding the body of drugs or alcohol—can begin during the assessment process. Managed with compassion and medical expertise, Caron’s detox care at an on-campus, state-of-the-art medical center ensures patients stay comfortable during the process.


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