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For nearly 70 years as a non-profit treatment provider, Caron Treatment Centers has transformed the lives of thousands impacted by addiction and mental health disorders. We provide evidence-based programming while working with patients and their families to restore their health, hope, spirituality, and relationships.

Here are words of gratitude some of Caron's alumni have shared.

I arrived at Caron full of shame and humiliation following a relapse after long-term sobriety. I left full of hope, support and a plan for my recovery. I am forever grateful to the experienced clinicians and staff at Caron.
-Charisse C.
What can I say about the Relapse Women's Program that will actually empathize how much it saved my life. After ten years of working a solid program and staying sober from heroin addiction I was prescribed pain meds. Instead of talking about them I spiraled quickly out of control and got scared, terrified. I called Caron on my own and from the first call, I was treated with care. The program itself was small, which I believe as relapsers, we needed. The program focused on trauma and how it influences our decisions. My counselors made me feel secure. They never coddled me and made me think outside the box. I was able to utilize my knowledge of AA with the other women in my group and was helped through the grief I was experiencing for my loss of sobriety (which was probably my biggest struggle).
-Katrina B.
To me, having a program specifically designed for those who have made attempts at sobriety and may be at a different point on their journey to recovery, was amazing. It was the shared struggles, the wisdom in the room, and the targeted therapies that made the difference. And more personally for me, the safety and culture of the unit made the difference.
-William R.

The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my recovery was coming back after a relapse. My time at Caron taught me that while I lost time sober, I gained time in life by walking back in the door and allowing myself to be shown that recovery truly is possible. The people in the relapse unit and MP2 walked me back from the brink of death and gave me a new lease on life.
-Jake K.

I had a few years of clean time after my first rehab, and I was familiar with 12-Step meetings, but when I relapsed in 2016 my life fell apart and I was clueless about how it happened. The counselors on the Relapse Unit helped me examine the reasons behind my relapse and put me back on the path of recovery.
-Christian G.

The men’s relapse unit provided a critical foundation for my recovery. It gave me a comfortable area to land after detox. The relapse unit specifically helped me better understand and recognize patterned behaviors that can hold me hostage in my addiction.

The counselors provided incredible support and guidance for me to get back on my feet with confidence, while instilling the realism that I am fighting a powerful disease on a daily basis. The relapse unit gave me a set of tools I can rely on to truly live in the present, one day at a time.
-Adam S.

The Men’s Relapse Program was unlike previous treatments I’ve been in. The focus on my mental health issues and addressing the underlying causes of my alcoholism made an enormous difference in my ongoing recovery. The counseling staff worked with me to help me understand the ‘why’ so I could begin to change my thoughts and actions and end the cycle of addictive behavior.
-Patrick K.

Not only do you have a primary counselor at Caron. You also have a team of counselors and therapists that know you and are available to assist your needs at any time.

At Caron, the gender specific groups allowed me to open up and be vulnerable with fellow men like me without feeling weak in front of the opposite sex.
-Matthew M.

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