Treatment Programs

Caron Florida’s Ocean Drive Program

Sophisticated treatment for substance use and behavioral health disorders in a setting designed for comfort and privacy

At a Glance

  • Tailored treatment plans

    ensure comprehensive treatment.

  • Doctorate and masters-level therapists

    address addiction holistically.

  • Integrated family treatment

    restores family relationships and health.

  • A private floor for Ocean Drive patients

    enables focused treatment.

  • Elegantly appointed living quarters

    offer privacy and restorative relaxation.

  • Concierge services

    are available.

Highlights of the Ocean Drive Program

This innovative, holistic program for affluent adults and their families looks at each patient’s mind, body, and spirit to unearth underlying causes of addiction and facilitate healing. The team at Ocean Drive is committed to providing personalized, clinically robust, and evidence-based treatment for mental health issues and addiction, including co-occurring and compulsive behaviors.

Your treatment will take place on a private floor at The Keele Center, a state-of-the-art facility with medical services, detox, treatment, programming, dining, and amenities. The high staff-to-patient ratio helps ensure that every relevant detail and underlying issue is addressed during your stay.

Ocean Drive’s residences include elegantly appointed manor-style homes close to The Keele Center and private suites for patients with specialized medical and/or privacy needs at The Keele Center.

Our Approach to Treatment

Ocean Drive employs evidence-based treatment founded on sound, scientific, verifiable clinical research and applies clinically proven methods in the most cohesive and sophisticated manner possible. A team of experienced addiction, mental health, and medical professionals collaborates with you to develop treatment plans specific to your needs. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your history and symptoms, with consideration for your work and life responsibilities.

Staff Expertise

  • A doctoral-level psychologist oversees intake assessments and any assessments recommended during treatment.
  • Doctoral and master’s level primary and family therapists work with you and your family.
  • A medical doctor provides medication management and medical care as needed.
  • A nutritionist offers consultations for healthy eating to support your overall well-being.

Preeminent Care at Ocean Drive

  • Comprehensive psychological, psychiatric, and medical assessments provide data that offers you and the clinical team a foundational understanding of your needs.
  • A dedicated primary therapist and family therapist work with you in multiple one-on-one sessions weekly to address the emotional process of addiction and recalibrate relationships.
  • Group therapies offer peer and therapist support to work through issues such as trauma, other compulsive behaviors, family, and gender.
  • Spiritual counseling sessions can be with a faith leader of your choice—rabbi, priest, minister, or other spiritual guide.
  • Complementary therapies such as massage, breathwork, yoga, acupuncture, reflexology, and meditation, are incorporated into treatment.
  • Neurofeedback is available as clinically indicated. This noninvasive therapeutic intervention can reduce cravings, manage moods, process anxiety, and improve sleep.
  • Executive coaching enables you to explore new interests, reignite your passions, and/or evaluate new business opportunities.


  • Residences feature private bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, pools, media rooms, and exercise equipment.
  • Private suites at the Keele Center include a separate living area and en suite bathrooms. A private entrance to the floor for Ocean Drive patients ensures discretion.
  • Housekeepers and counselor’s assistants are on staff to meet your personal and clinical needs. You can use your laptop and phone for work and other needs.
  • Executive chefs prepare healthy, delicious meals.
  • A fitness center with personal trainers and an outdoor pool offer recreation and relaxation.
  • A concierge service runs errands, arranges travel, manages appointments, and takes care of other arrangements as needed.

Family Programs

Recognizing the impact of addiction on both the individual and the family, Caron integrates the family into the treatment process through weekly phone calls with our primary and family therapists and participation in our clinical programs.

  • Sessions with an experienced family therapist help family members recalibrate the family system so that it functions in ways that serve each person’s well-being and the family as a whole.
  • The Residential Family Program is an integral component of Ocean Drive’s treatment. The family member, who can be anyone you designate, resides with you or close by, providing the opportunity to address the family member’s individual needs while simultaneously working with you to improve your relationship.
  • A three-day family workshop is tailored to each family’s needs offering an opportunity for restorative clinical work. Interventions educate family members on substance use and related disorders, establish roles, define personal recovery goals, and teach Ocean Drive’s clinical philosophy on family restructuring.
  • Clinical impact visits, as clinically appropriate, allow family members, professional colleagues, and friends to participate in groups and/or family sessions.

Our Continuum of Care

Ocean Drive offers a continuum of care following your treatment through a customized care plan that provides structure, routine, and accountability for your life in recovery.

  • Progressive Recovery Workshops are offered monthly, giving you a chance to more deeply explore underlying issues and emotional regulation while continuing to enhance communication, coping, and intimacy skills.
  • Soberlink is a remote sobriety-monitoring program that makes use of the latest technology to provide accountability and support.
  • My Recovery Connection offers professional guidance, coaching, support, and accountability to help you and your family navigate life in recovery.

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