Addiction Affects Everyone

For over 60 years, Caron has been pushing the boundaries of innovative addiction treatment.

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Man and woman emotionally hugging each other during a group treatment session.

We Are Caron. Real About Recovery.

Our staff is committed to your recovery. We deliver evidence-based, specialized treatment through two distinct groups of programming – signature and core programming. It’s our mission to provide patients and families with the respect and compassion they deserve, while meeting their unique treatment and recovery preferences.

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Unique treatment programs in a safe environment

Safety is paramount for patients to get the treatment they need. We follow CDC guidelines mitigation strategies for COVID-19. We have our own COVID-19 antigen testing capacity onsite, so we test everyone who comes for admission to treatment."

Dr. Ming Wang, FASAM
Medical Director for Caron Pennsylvania's Older Adult Program + Grand View Women’s Program

We treat addiction and the underlying issues that fuel it.

In our 60+ year history, we’ve learned that to truly address someone’s substance use disorder you must treat the whole person. Our experienced medical and clinical staff is trained to recognize and treat not only a person’s substance abuse, but the underlying issues that may be fueling the addiction – whether that be a mental health disorder or trauma-related issues.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Medical/Psy. Professionals on staff

We're a leading Addiction Medicine Center of Excellence anchored by our dedicated team of on-site, full-time medical staff who are supported by teams of highly credentialed clinicians and therapists.

Dr. Joseph Garbely
EVP / Chief Medical Officer

We're in-network with several nationally known insurance providers.

Caron believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to access our care. That’s why we make life-saving addiction treatment available to more individuals who need it, at a lower cost.

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Lives Touched Annually

I didn't think that anyone at a treatment center was going to understand what I was going through. The program (at) Caron has completely done a 180 on my life, giving me an explanation for (addiction), and that without professional help, there was no way I was going to overcome it."

Craig, Caron Alum

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