Becoming a Patient

It begins with a call.

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Get the Guidance You Need.

When you call Caron, you will meet and speak with one of our expert admissions specialists. The specialist is your guide and source of all the information you need about how admissions work. Admissions specialists work closely with you, your loved ones, your therapist, and Caron’s clinical and medical teams to determine the level of care you (or your loved one) need and whether Caron can meet those needs.

The process begins with an evaluation, which may include questions about:

  • Precipitating events.
  • Mental health history.
  • Substance use and medical history.
  • Family structure/dynamics and issues.
  • Legal history.
  • Career and education.
  • Your current therapist and physicians that you are seeing.
  • Contact information.

Please note: Patients suffering from significant medical and psychological issues must be stable before beginning treatment at any Caron location/program, as we are not an acute care facility. Your admissions specialist can help you arrange transfers from hospitals and other healthcare centers if necessary.

Scheduling Your Comprehensive Admission

Once you or your loved one has agreed to treatment, it's time to set an admission date. Because we understand the need for urgency, we can work with you to get the process done quickly. That includes admission to Caron Pennsylvania's onsite detox unit on short notice if needed. The admissions process will vary depending on the program that is right for you.

"People come to Caron during some of the darkest days of their lives. To see them begin to come alive, creating new support systems and reconnecting with family and loved ones, inspires me greatly. The reality is that substance use disorder left untreated can be deadly. The work we do saves lives."

Brad Sorte
CEO & President, Caron Treatment Centers

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