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Building the Future of Addiction Treatment

100 Medical professionals providing patient-centric care, impacting 100,000 lives over nearly 70 years

Our Evidence-Based Treatment and Value-Based Care Works

Caron Treatment Centers - Rate of Success and Recovery

A leader in addiction medicine, Caron has a well-rounded onsite team of full-time physicians who are board certified in at least one, but often two or three, medical specialties including addiction, cardiology, emergency medicine, psychology, etc. As an interdisciplinary team, they work closely with licensed nurses, credentialed clinicians, and compassionate support staff to intimately understand the patients' mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs that influence treatment plans and their journey toward recovery.

In fact, two leading insurance providers conducted independent studies which show that Caron's patients have a 92.4% rate of recovery in the first 90-days after treatment, which is a crucial milestone in maintaining one's recovery.

See how Caron's value-based outcomes compares to other treatment centers. As we increase access to quality treatment based on the patients' needs, value-based care continues to be a part of our philosophy.

Caron: Real About Recovery

Everyone has a different, but relatable, story. Amy is an alum who wanted to share her story to help others who are struggling with addiction, to inspire them, and to show that recovery is possible.

Treating the whole person is vital for long-term recovery.

Drug and alcohol problems are rarely isolated. They go hand-in-hand with psychiatric and psychological disorders, like depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders, to name a few. That's why we address underlying issues concurrently with substance use disorder.

For Caron's treatment programs, we blend the latest evidence-based practices from medicine and psychology with historically proven addiction treatment methods like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), 12-Step integration, motivational interviewing, addiction counseling, and positive peer culture. Our comprehensive, holistic approach focuses on:

  • Mind: Through individual and group therapy, patients learn to use healthy coping skills and emotional regulation. Education about how addiction works on the brain supports the benefits of treatment. Intensive, experiential workshops employ role play and hands-on activities to deepen patients’ insights.
  • Body: Health and wellness is incorporated into everyone’s treatment through exercise and fitness, nutritional counseling and proper diet, medication, (if necessary), and education about daily living skills that promote good health.
  • Spirit: Caron’s spiritual support services, as well as 12-Step and similar programs, give patients ways to strengthen their connections to themselves, others, nature, and their faith.

Treating the family is integral to healing and sustaining a healthy support.

We are as committed to caring for family members as we are to caring for patients. Our family programs incorporate education on substance use disorder and behavioral health, intervention for family members with substance use disorder, and access to a supportive community of other family patients.

At Caron, we promise to:

  • Treat you and your family with respect, dignity, and compassion
  • Give you the tools and support you need to achieve Recovery For Life
  • Conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards
  • Partner with you and your family to create a personalized, integrated behavioral health treatment plan
  • Use research and evidence-based practices that result in the best value-based outcomes
  • Make treatment available through financial assistance

Comprehensive Modern Addiction Treatment


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