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Breakthrough at Caron

Explore what wellbeing, authenticity, and connection can bring to your sense of self and your relationships.

Front view of Caron's Breakthrough mansion from the exterior on a beautiful spring day.

Time to Recharge, Refresh, Reclaim

Recharging your body, mind, and spirit is a bedrock element for living a healthy life. Breakthrough at Caron opens up space with expert support and guidance to allow you to refresh your purpose, renew your most important relationships, and replenish your energy.

Discover the core elements that lead to meaning, purpose, and happiness in your life and relationships with Breakthrough’s transformative workshops.

Paying Attention to Body, Mind, and Spirit Breakthrough at Caron began in the 1980s as a center for self-development, helping individuals and their family members maintain healthy relationships in recovery through ongoing exploration of and attention to the challenges that can impede our ability to maintain our emotional and mental health in recovery.

Today, Breakthrough continues that legacy, through signature workshops that help anyone who desires emotional health, mutually satisfying relationships, and wellbeing. Built on emotionally focused therapy, resilience building, the expressive arts, and psychodrama,

Breakthrough workshops explore relational patterns and barriers in order to build a foundation for emotional wellness, authenticity, and fulfillment. Master’s level licensed clinicians facilitate the workshops, ensuring that participants are guided and supported at every step. A small-group format creates a safe, intimate space for every participant.

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