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Breakthrough Program

One week can change your life.

Front view of Caron's Breakthrough mansion from the exterior on a beautiful spring day.

Set course for a fulfilling life.

Caron’s Breakthrough program is NOW open to in person participation, three weeks a month with private accommodations. Please look over our current COVID Guidelines here.

Breakthrough at Caron’s vision is to support individuals and couples to achieve their best selves, lead healthy and productive lives, and create supportive and loving relationships that give them strength, confidence, and a foundation for personal and professional success.

Anyone seeking to examine and improve relational patterns, including those in recovery from a substance use disorder and those impacted by a loved one’s substance use, may benefit from the workshops.

What is the cost of the Breakthrough Program?
The current cost of the Breakthrough Program is $5,300. In addition, we are currently securing a $90 fee for the COVID-19 testing that is required upon arrival.

What does the Breakthrough Program offer?
Caron’s Breakthrough Program for military families, military individuals in recovery, and recovering individuals’ loved ones offers program participants the chance to improve and modify long-standing relational and emotional patterns over the course of three or five-day workshops. Using evidence-based and experiential therapies, the Breakthrough Program helps participants explore patterns and behaviors that are harmful and ineffective. Therapies involved during the workshop include emotion-focused therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, art therapy, and gestalt therapy.


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