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Family Treatment & Programs

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A Glance at Our Family Treatment Services

  • Dedicated, experienced family therapists

    educate, guide, and support family members.

  • In-depth, multi-day programming

    is tailored to meet specific needs.

Program Highlights

Statistics show that patients whose families participate in drug and alcohol rehab have lower relapse rates. Caron's in-depth programs educate, guide, and support family members, so they understand the disease of addiction and what they need to do to achieve long-term recovery as a family.

By addressing the challenges within the family system, Caron gives families a foundation they can build on to create a healthy and open family system, one that works for everyone. We also introduce family members to our active alumni and family community so they can build connections with other families going through the same stage of treatment and others in long-term recovery.

Caron’s Family Programming in Pennsylvania

Through Caron Pennsylvania's family programming, patients and families receive a solid understanding of substance use disorder and learn skills to create healthy changes to the family system. Families learn:

  • How substance use disorder progresses

  • What the transition from treatment to early recovery looks like

  • The effect of substance use disorder on families

  • Relapse behaviors

  • The difference between enabling addiction and supporting recovery

  • How to set effective boundaries

  • How to build personal support systems
  • Healthy coping skills and communication
  • What the recovery process looks like
  • About recovery programs

Grand View Family Support

Grand View dedicates an on-staff, full-time, master’s level family therapist to each patient and spouse to guide them in examining how substance use has affected their relationship and help address patterns of behavior blocking deep emotional connection.

Youth Education Program

This program educates children about the disease of addiction and helps them to understand that they are not responsible for the disease or for “fixing” it. Program leaders create a safe and caring environment that gives children space to talk about how they feel and learn that it is okay to trust others. The program also helps them to:

  • Process their feelings about how substance use disorder has impacted them, their family member, and their family unit as a whole
  • Understand treatment and recovery
  • Identify a support system
  • Develop healthy coping and problem-solving skills
  • Make healthy choices
  • Communicate effectively with their family members

Visit the Youth Education Program page to learn more and apply.

Caron’s Family Programming in Florida

Individualized Family Treatment Plans

Family treatment plans are customized for each family. In creating the plans, family therapists:

  • Collaborate with referents, therapists, and other treating professionals to gather information
  • Use a family psychosocial history and Concerned Person Questionnaires
  • Use the patient’s psychosocial information

Family Program Components

While family programming varies in each of Caron Florida’s programs and according to patient and family needs, these are the core elements of family treatment in Florida:

  • Counseling (Mental Health Program, Renaissance, and Ocean Drive): A dedicated family therapist with extensive experience in family systems treatment provides counseling in person, by phone, or videoconference. The therapist facilitates the patient and family in recalibrating their family system so that it is healthy and functions well for everyone.
  • The Residential Family Program (Renaissance): This innovative program is designed to reset relationships and in turn strengthen family bonds. The family member resides with the patient or close by and is fully immersed in the treatment process so that they can work together to improve their relationship. The program provides the clinical team the opportunity to better understand the relationship, highlight concerns in real time, and address the issues fueling challenges in the relationship.
  • Family Workshop (Renaissance): Tailored specifically for the participating family member(s), the workshop takes place over the course of three days. Participants are exposed to groups and also engage in family, couples, and individual sessions with the family and primary therapists. Family members and patients are also able to have social interactions (as clinically indicated) during shared meals.
  • Clinical impact visits (Mental Health Program, Renaissance, and Ocean Drive): Staff sets up visits as clinically appropriate with family members, professional colleagues, and friends so that they can participate in groups and/or family sessions with the patient.
  • Buddy Program (Renaissance): To support new families, Caron Renaissance offers each family member a buddy - an alumnus who provides guidance during and following treatment and offers a glimpse ahead to life in recovery.

Caron's Doors Are Always Open for You.

Caron’s active and supportive community of alumni and family members provides something for everyone. Stay connected through Caron's:

Make Caron part of your ongoing journey and draw on the inspiration, hope, and strength that the collective power of our community offers. Visit our Recovery Community page to learn more.

Our Dedication to Family Services

At Caron, we provide treatment services the whole family can count on. When someone is struggling with addiction and drug use such as opioids, we utilize our evidence-based treatments to help your loved ones begin the road to recovery. We have a toolkit of techniques that teach effective communication techniques, problem-solving, conflict resolution, parenting skills, behavioral contracts, and more. The well-being and mental health of your child is something we value. To learn more about our programs, contact us today.


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