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Treating the Whole Person

Recovery encompasses care and attention to the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Fitness and nutrition are critical components of achieving physical health and supporting balanced emotional health.

Regular physical activity has been shown to improve symptoms of depression, reduce stress, and diminish cravings by altering brain chemistry. Nutrition is also critical to physical and mental health, keeping the body and mind alert, clear, and in balance.

Physical Wellness Services at Caron

Physical Fitness

Caron’s Florida Campus

  • Access to an on-site fitness center, outdoor pool, and personal training sessions
  • Physical therapy and massage therapy to manage pain
  • Meditation and yoga

Caron’s Pennsylvania Campus

  • A state-of-the-art fitness center with a full-sized gymnasium, weight training, and exercise studio staffed by experienced instructors
  • Indoor challenge course for adventure-based counseling
  • Yoga led by certified, registered instructors

Healthy Meals

  • A diverse selection of healthy, delicious dishes in Caron’s dining rooms
  • Accommodations for dietary needs including specific religious guidelines and vegan/vegetarian diets
  • Accommodations for food allergies or health issues, food addictions, and eating disorders
  • Private dining and personalized meals available for Ocean Drive patients
  • Meal planning and preparation for Renaissance patients

Nutrition Education and Counseling

On-site Medical Centers

The Keele Center in Florida and the Carole and Ray Neag Medical Center in Pennsylvania provide medical services, detox, treatment, programming, residential quarters, dining, and amenities for the ease and convenience of patients and families.

Sophisticated Medical Care

  • Fully equipped medical units in both centers provide the capability to manage medical complexities related to substance use disorder, from detox to related health conditions.
  • Full-time, on-site teams include physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses as well as clinicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

The physical wellness staff is dedicated to patients’ health and well-being.

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