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Program Highlights

Caron’s transformative relapse programs target the core issues and thinking patterns that lead to relapse and guide you in developing strategies to change them. By building on the knowledge you learned in treatment and in recovery, you will leave the program better equipped to sustain long-term recovery.

Treatment Program Details

Unlike educational prevention programs, our relapse programs offer in-depth therapy using proven, evidence-based therapeutic methods and a positive peer culture.

Clinical Excellence

  • Highly credentialed behavioral health therapists
  • Licensed psychologists available as clinically indicated

Treatment Components

  • Thorough assessments for substance use disorder and mental health to understand what has and has not worked for you in the past
  • Complete medical history
  • Individual and group therapy designed to change distorted thinking patterns and identify core beliefs and barriers that block recovery
  • Mindfulness education, which can help you sustain your recovery
  • Treatment for other compulsive behaviors, which can contribute to relapse

For Men

The Men's Relapse Program focuses on key themes specifically as they apply to concepts of trust, safety, and vulnerability in relation to self-reliance and pride in self-image.

For Women

The Women's Relapse Program focuses on key themes that many women experience in relapse such as trauma, shame, guilt, and fear surrounding their ability to be “good enough” in the roles (daughter, spouse, etc.) they fulfill.

Family Treatment

  • Family program focused on supporting and helping family members to process the feelings relapse can bring up and education to better understand relapse and how to support their loved one and themselves
  • Age-specific education and counseling for children ages 7-11 and 12-17 through the Youth Education Youth Education Program

Continuing Care

Patient-centered Treatment

Gender-Specific Treatment

Our gender-specific relapse programs are designed to accommodate the neurobiological differences between men and women that impact how they process, communicate, learn, and express emotion. It also addresses societally assigned gender roles and other factors that require specific treatment.

In a gender-specific program, you have the privacy and emotional safety you need to be vulnerable and honest with peers. You also benefit from deeper emotional connection and fewer distractions so you can fully concentrate on treatment.

Relapse in Women is Grossly Misunderstood

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