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Located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Caron Outpatient Treatment Center offers customized and comprehensive treatment for substance use disorder. With a range of outpatient programs and services for teens, adults, and their families, the Center provides help and support to the whole family as they move toward a healthy life in recovery.

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Caron Pennsylvania Outpatient Programs

With a range of outpatient programs and services for teens, adults, and their families, the Center provides help and support to the whole family as they move toward a healthy life in recovery.


An initial thorough evaluation enables our staff to learn about the patient’s physical, emotional, behavioral, and environmental health. If the evaluation indicates that there is a substance use disorder that requires treatment, staff creates an individualized treatment plan incorporating the patient’s needs and goals. Call now to schedule an evaluation.

Treatment Services

For Adults

  • Primary outpatient groups: Patients get in-depth education about addiction and recovery to better understand the degree to which substance use disorder has impacted them. They also learn how to overcome self-defeating attitudes and solve problems in healthier and more constructive ways.
  • Intensive outpatient groups: This highly structured program provides a safe and therapeutic environment for patients to stabilize in early recovery. They examine the self-defeating behaviors and attitudes that can be an obstacle to recovery, learning how to adapt healthier ways of coping and solving problems. Family members benefit from the multi-family group, which provides support and education.
  • Recovery maintenance group: Patients learn coping skills, good self-care, and how to deal with emotions and solve problems in everyday life as a way to further facilitate long-term sobriety.

For Teens

  • Primary outpatient groups: These groups provide psychoeducation about addiction and recovery, focusing on teen-specific issues such as: peer pressure, dealing with cravings, developing healthy coping tools, communication, finding sober activities, and developing a sober identity.
  • Intensive outpatient groups: Patients explore behaviors and attitudes that support recovery or work against it, in order to better understand themselves. In a group of peers, teens can discuss challenges that are specific to their age group, including working through co-occurring mental health concerns, such as social anxiety, for example, and recognizing they are not alone in their experience. Family members benefit from the weekly multi-family group, which provides support and education with an essential focus on understanding their teen and learning healthy communication.
  • Recovery maintenance group: Teens explore topics that can challenge their sobriety efforts and continue to build and practice coping skills and good self-care. They also learn how to deal with emotions and solve problems in everyday life.

Trauma Services

  • Adult trauma-focused group: The group therapy approach to treating trauma is supported in the research as it allows participants a sense of commonality, which we know is a central healing component. Group members become empowered as they combat shame and find value and acceptance along with new insight, skills, and behaviors. Patients will focus on the integration of their past trauma on their current life and how it may intersect with other behaviors, including substance use. We utilize psychoeducation on a variety of trauma related topics as well as expressive art and trauma informed experiential therapy from adventure-based counseling, sociometry, and psychodrama.
  • Individual therapy: This may be included in a patient’s treatment plan as a stand-alone component (for teens or adults) or as part of a patient’s trauma group programming. Our trauma clinicians are Certified Trauma Professionals or Certified Clinical Trauma Professionals and have a variety of training and certifications in their respective modalities, which include cognitive processing therapy (CPT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), internal family systems (IFS), racial trauma, expressive art, and trauma informed experiential therapy (psychodrama, sociometry, and adventure-based counseling).

Gambling Services

  • Gambling addiction counseling: A clinician with specialized training in gambling facilitates evaluations to assess and identify treatment needs and goals. Group therapy is provided to allow for additional peer support as well as individual therapy when indicated.

Family Services

  • Multifamily group: Family members who have a loved one in the intensive outpatient group learn how addiction impacts families and the role of the family members in the recovery process. They also learn how growing up in families with addiction or dysfunction can contribute to addiction-related issues.
  • Individual family counseling: These sessions offer support and guidance for individual families. Family members benefit from better understanding the impact of addiction, the need for boundaries and how to set them, and the importance of self-care.

Recovery For Life

  • Alumni support groups: These free weekly aftercare groups for anyone who has completed a treatment program at the Center offer ongoing support for sustained recovery.
  • Healthcare professionals support group: Recovering healthcare providers who are enrolled in state monitoring programs benefit from long-term support and an understanding environment.

Prevention Education and Early Intervention

The Student Assistance Program provides comprehensive, customizable drug, alcohol, and nicotine prevention services and healthy living programs for elementary and high school students, parents, caregivers, and youth-serving professionals. Caron partners with schools, families, communities, and other organizations to provide contracted, fee-for-service, and grant-funded programs and services to over 120,000 students, professionals, and parents/caregivers each year.

Caron Wyomissing's services include evaluations, individual and family counseling, group therapy, and support groups.

Caron Outpatient in Wyomissing's addiction programs include drug and alcohol, gambling, and codependency services.

Our empathetic experts help you navigate Recovery For Life.

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