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Caron Pennsylvania Outpatient Treatment Center

Located in Wyomissing, PA, the Caron Outpatient Treatment Center offers a range of programs and services for teens, adults, and their families, including an outpatient mental health program and an outpatient addiction treatment program, both treating teens and adults.

Caron Pennsylvania Outpatient Programs

The mental health program offers support and counseling for people who are dealing with diagnoses and issues related to mood, anxiety, and trauma and people with substance use issues who now need treatment for mental health challenges.

Our clinicians have training and certifications in treatment modalities such as cognitive processing therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), internal family systems, racial trauma, expressive art, and trauma-informed experiential therapy.

Our team of trauma providers are trained in trauma-focused services and interventions to address and treat PTSD and other trauma and stressor-related presentations.


A thorough evaluation of the patient’s physical, emotional, behavioral, and environmental health gives staff the information necessary to recommend next steps. An attending psychiatrist is available for evaluation and medication management when indicated.

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All of our clinicians are certified trauma professionals and certified clinical trauma professionals trained in trauma-informed experiential therapy that includes sociometry, psychodrama, and adventure-based counseling.

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Substance Use Disorder Treatment

  • Primary outpatient groups: Patients get in-depth education about addiction and recovery to better understand the degree to which substance use disorder has impacted them. They also learn how to overcome self-defeating attitudes and solve problems in healthier and more constructive ways. We offer a morning and evening option.
  • Intensive outpatient groups: This highly structured program provides a safe environment for patients to stabilize in early recovery. They examine the self-defeating behaviors and attitudes that challenge recovery and learn healthier ways of coping and solving problems. We offer a morning and an evening option three days a week.
  • Teen groups: These primary outpatient and intensive outpatient services groups focus on teen-specific issues such as peer pressure, dealing with cravings, developing healthy coping tools, communication, finding sober activities, and developing a sober identity.
  • Recovery maintenance group: Patients learn coping skills, good self-care, and how to deal with emotions and solve problems in everyday life as a way to maintain long-term sobriety.
  • Gambling addiction group: A clinician with specialized training in gambling helps patients interrupt the patterns of addictive behavior and develop abstinence skills.
  • Individual therapy: Individual therapy offers additional support for treating substance use disorder, trauma, or both.
  • Psychiatric services: Our medical director provides evaluations and follow-up as indicated.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services: Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) may be recommended by clinical staff to be assessed by the physician or assigned medical fellow to further support substance use treatment.

Mental Health Outpatient Treatment

  • Adult general outpatient group: This group serves patients struggling with mental and behavioral health symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, as well as situational stressors, family relations, interpersonal relationships, and life span issues, among others. It is designed for patients in individual treatment as well as for patients who have completed residential or partial hospitalization programs and need ongoing treatment and support. The group meets twice weekly for 90 minutes.
  • Teen general outpatient group: This group provides a safe and therapeutic environment for teens with symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma, to explore behaviors and attitudes that support positive mental health. A peer environment opens opportunities for teens to discuss challenges specific to their age group and recognize they are not alone in their experience. The group meets twice weekly for 90 minutes.
  • Individual therapy: As clinically indicated, patients will have individual sessions with a therapist in addition to group therapy or as their primary treatment.
  • Psychiatric services: The attending psychiatrist will be involved in treatment planning for all mental health clients and will evaluate and monitor patients taking medication.

Trauma Treatment

Individual and group services are available for trauma-focused treatment. The group therapy approach to treating trauma is supported in the research as it allows participants a sense of commonality, which we know is a central healing component. Group members become empowered as they combat shame and find value and acceptance along with new insight, skills, and behaviors while having an opportunity for any corrective experience and building trust. This group may be coupled with individual clinical sessions with a specific evidence-based trauma intervention, such as cognitive processing therapy or EMDR.

  • Ethnodrama Group: Ethnodrama is our experiential trauma group designed specifically for people of color to process their experiences that could include racialized (including oppression and discrimination) and/or intergenerational trauma. Our credentialed and trauma trained clinicians with shared identification aim to foster a sense of validation, normalization, and collective healing. This group will incorporate a number of inlets to the embodied experience including storytelling, role playing, art, music, psychoeducation, and food.

Ethnodrama Trauma Therapy Group

Ethnodrama Trauma Therapy Group, experiential trauma group designed specifically for people of color to process their experiences that could include racialized and/or intergenerational trauma.

Family Treatment

  • Multifamily group for substance use disorder: Family members who have a loved one in the intensive outpatient care group for substance use disorder learn how addiction impacts families and how a family history of addiction or dysfunction can contribute to substance use disorder. They also find out how the recovery process works and their role in it.
  • Individual family counseling: These sessions offer support and guidance for individual families, including the need for boundaries and how to set them and the importance of self-care.

Support Groups

  • Alumni support groups for substance use disorder: These free weekly aftercare groups for anyone who has completed a treatment program at the Center offer ongoing support for sustained recovery.
  • Healthcare professionals support group: Recovering healthcare providers who are enrolled in state monitoring programs benefit from long-term support and an understanding environment.

Prevention Education and Early Intervention

  • Student Assistance Program: Comprehensive, customizable drug, alcohol, and nicotine prevention services and healthy living programs offer education and information to elementary and high school students, parents, caregivers, and youth-serving professionals.

Payment Options

At Caron, we believe that everyone deserves access to treatment. We partner with several national and local insurance companies as well as Berks county Medicaid and offer options for individuals and families who do not have insurance.

Caron Wyomissing's services include evaluations, outpatient substance use disorder, outpatient mental health, trauma and family treatment, including support groups.

Caron’s outpatient treatment programs are designed to treat addictions, including drug and alcohol, gambling, and codependency services.

At Caron, we believe that everyone deserves access to treatment. We partner with several national and local insurance companies as well as Berks county Medicaid and offer options for individuals and families who do not have insurance. To view the list of insurance accepted, click here.

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