Prevention Programs & Support Services

Caron's Education Alliance Case Study & Overview

Caron’s Education Alliance supports the health and well-being of students from kindergarten through college with services for students, families and professionals - from prevention to early intervention and recovery.

For Educators, Caring Adults & Students

Student Assistance Programs (SAP) | Student Support

SAP: Educators & Youth-Serving Professionals

Offering programming and training designed to help professionals guide students toward successful, substance-free lives

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SAP: Parents, Caregivers & Caring Adults

Providing education and resources to help families and caring adults guide youth to substance-free choices

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SAP: Youth

Partnering with schools, families, communities, and other organizations to provide customizable prevention programs for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine

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Campus Engagement

Partnering with universities & colleges for assessments, trainings, intervention programs, and treatment recommendations

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Digital Learning Library

Offering substance use prevention courses and intervention strategies

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Workplace Programs & Services

Promoting substance use awareness for your employees and organization

Corporate Education Program

Promoting awareness and a helping hand for organizations to reduce the impact of employees who are touched by substance use

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Substance Use in the Workplace Digital Course

Guiding organization leaders on best practices to address substance use disorder

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Extensive services and resources available to parents and youth-serving professionals

Education Alliance Resource Kit

Sharing our tools, materials and news to use for talks with teens, prevention, intervention, and recovery


Education Alliance Resource Center & Store

Support your initiatives with our ready-to-order print materials, promotional supplies and virtual products

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