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Caron Recovery Center in Philadelphia

Supporting lifelong recovery and addiction prevention in the Philadelphia area.

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Services Offered during COVID

Current Clinical Offerings: We treat individuals from the ages of 18 and up and currently specialize in working with First Responders, the Older Adult population and people in early recovery. We provide comprehensive Clinical Evaluations, Family Consultations, Outpatient Individual and Family Sessions. Clinical group therapy includes a First Responder specific General Outpatient group and an Early Recovery General Outpatient group.

  • First Responders General Outpatient Group
    • Meets for 1.5 hours, 1 day per week (Tuesdays 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm OR Wednesdays 9:00 am – 10:30 pm)
    • Clients in this group benefit from the support of like-minded peers who are also First Responders as well as the therapeutic guidance of fellow First Responders in long term recovery.
    • For more information contact John Becker, Director First Responder Program at
  • Early Recovery General Outpatient Group
    • Meets for 2 hours on Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
    • Clients who participate in this group are offered therapeutic support through the early stages of their unique, individual recovery in addition to the support of others who are also transitioning through the milestones of early recovery themselves.
    • For more information contact Monica Driscoll at

Support Groups: At Caron Philadelphia, we are currently offering support groups for Parents, First Responders, and Alumni. These groups are offered at no cost to participants. For more information please contact:

Professionals’ Group: The Philadelphia office also offers a professionally led support group for professionals which meets from 6:00 pm – 7:30 PM on the first, second, and fourth Wednesday of the month. For more information please contact Aly Reis, Recovery Advocate Specialist at

Finances: Caron Philadelphia is currently an out of network provider. Please contact Monica Driscoll for more information on how we can assist the client with finances for any of our program offerings.

Caron Philadelphia’s Approach: We understand that each person is affected differently by the complex issues of substance use and co-occurring disorders. We strive to meet our clients where they are at in their recovery process and to support their growth and healing in a way that meets their individual needs. Additionally, we recognize that the family system is an imperative part of a patient’s overall recovery process. Through a family systems approach and parallel recovery process, we treat the client and their family.

Primary Contacts:
Monica Driscoll, Executive Director,
Hilary Cohen, Regional Administrative Assistant, 484-342-5753,
Keith Rogers, Regional Alumni & Family Coordinator, 484-342-5751,
John C. Becker Jr., LPC CAADC CEAP SAP CTR, Director, First Responder Program, 610-743-6433,

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is a cultural and economic anchor in the Northeastern Corridor; its impacts spread through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. But behind the gloss of the modern skyscrapers that dominate the city’s skyline lies a growing problem – a problem that many Philadelphians don’t want to talk about.

Statistics reveal that this city had the second-highest rate of drug overdose deaths in 2016, with most of them connected to opioid abuse. Only Allegheny County, also in Pennsylvania, had a higher rate. Thankfully, there’s help. Drug rehab centers in the Greater Philadelphia Region provide medical and emotional support for citizens who want to overcome addiction. These centers provide people with a lifeline, some brotherly love, a place where they can start over.

Solutions for a Complex Problem

Philadelphia has been struggling against the tide of substance abuse for decades. The American crack cocaine epidemic of the '80s and '90s was rampant in this city, and now Opioid abuse is sweeping the streets and destroying neighborhoods. More than 900 people died from drug overdose in Philadelphia in 2016, and medical professionals discovered opioids in more than 80 percent of these deaths, according to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.  "Philadelphia is perhaps the most cruelly affected of big cities by the opioid epidemic," says The Economist.

At Caron Philadelphia, conveniently located in Plymouth Meeting, right off the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Rt. 476 (the Blue Route), our doors are always open. We encourage family, friends, alumni, or anyone needing help to stop in any time. In a city built on freedom, our drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and support can offer release from the physical and emotional bindings of addiction.

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401 Plymouth Road
Suite 325
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
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About the Caron Recovery Center in Philadelphia
About the Caron Recovery Center in Philadelphia


Support Groups and Services
We are dedicated to creating and sustaining safe and supportive communities. Attendees who have completed addiction treatment make friendships, expand support systems, and attend fun and sober activities.

- Weekly Support Groups
- Monthly Alumni, Families and Friends Fellowship Group Meetings
Community and Professional Educational Workshops
Caron Philadelphia offers a wide range of services for both families and professionals. View our events calendar for more details.

- Family Education Programming
- Regional events
- Professional Development Opportunities
Volunteer Committee Meetings
We firmly believe that we are better and stronger when we work together! Our alumni, volunteers, and friends gather regularly for planning and discussions. Call or stop by to see how you can get involved.

- Annual Comedy Night
- Annual Recovery for Life Gala
- Annual Greater Philadelphia Community Service Awards Breakfast
Help for School Students
A leader in substance use prevention, Caron’s Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides comprehensive and customizable drug, alcohol, nicotine, and vaping prevention services.

- Student Assessments
- School, Teacher, and Parent Resources

For Alumni & Families

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Support After Treatment
You and your family don’t have to face challenges and transitions alone.
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More for Alumni & Families
When you leave Caron, recovery is for life. Together, we can help each other experience the joys of recovery.
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At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

With 60 years in the field, Caron Treatment Centers operates lifesaving addiction and behavioral healthcare treatment. Caron is headquartered in Wernersville, Pennsylvania with Ocean Drive and Caron Renaissance located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Caron has recovery centers in New England, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., which offer community and recovery support. Caron’s Recovery Centers in Atlanta and New York City also offer pre- and post-treatment services. Caron has the most extensive continuum of care including teens, and adults, chronic pain, executives, healthcare professionals and legal professionals. Caron’s outcomes-driven treatment care plans are customized to meet the needs of individuals and families – with highly trained teams prepared to address co-occurring disorders. Caron offers an innovative approach to ongoing recovery care support for its former patients and their families with online peer groups and other resources during the first year of transition following discharge.