Treating The Whole Person

Spiritual Services and Religious Support

Spirituality can have a profound, positive impact on recovery. It has always been integral to Caron’s treatment philosophy.

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At a Glance

  • Your belief system, whatever it may be,

    is respected and welcome.

  • Evolving a spiritual wellness plan

    is part of treatment.

  • Your religious needs and preferences

    are accommodated wherever possible.

Highlights of Spiritual Services

Patients come to Caron from diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds including atheism and agnosticism. They also often bear cultural or religious wounding. For example, they themselves or someone in their lives may have been harmed, directly or indirectly, by the statements or conduct of religious professionals or institutions. Others may be “mad at God” for any number of reasons. Still others may feel that their cultural upbringing has been a source of difficulty or misunderstanding.

Caron’s renowned respect for spiritual care supports individuals and families in enhancing healthy connectedness. Spiritual practice plans are created as part of treatment to carry patients into meaningful and sustained recovery.

Caron Pennsylvania

Our Pennsylvania campus has long been regarded as a best-in-class provider of spiritual services for residential addiction treatment. Caron’s traditional chapel service remains a centerpiece of our spiritual offerings in Pennsylvania. Alumni and families join with patients each week to celebrate the ongoing work of healing individuals and families. Patients provide the service music. Attendees add their heartfelt testimony to the weekly readings, reflections, and prayers.

While in treatment, patients learn about spiritual and religious practices that support ongoing recovery. Spiritual care staff frequently offer groups, lectures, and meditation. Specialty groups that assist Jewish, Christian, or Buddhist patients in integrating their specific faith traditions are regularly available. Sabbath opportunities are provided for interested Jewish patients as their medical needs permit. Similarly, where possible, Muslim patients can attend Friday prayers and Roman Catholic patients have access to eucharistic ministry and the sacrament of reconciliation.

One key component of the training of spiritual care staff is literacy about the historic and evolving recovery movements, including the 12-Steps, Recovery Dharma, and other alternatives. Spiritual counselors are on campus to support specific spiritual needs including acute grief and loss, guilt and shame, or anxiety and tension. Honesty about long-held secrets, open-mindedness about spiritual practices, and willingness to develop a spiritual self-care plan are often keys to sustained recovery.

Clinical Pastoral Education Program In Pennsylvania

If you are a seminarian, local clergy, or appropriately prepared layperson, you are invited to apply for spiritual care training through our addiction-focused Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at Caron Pennsylvania, accredited through the Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation (CSCPF). CPE interns may do their clinical work on one of Caron’s campuses or at an appropriate field site with field supervision.

Caron Florida

We offer robust spiritual guidance to anyone seeking it. Our optional spiritually-focused programming ensures patients can participate in local religious services, spiritual talks, and individual counseling with a faith leader—rabbi, priest, minister, or another spiritual guide. Also, Caron’s staff makes accommodations for any faith-based needs, such as keeping kosher or special dietary needs.

At Caron Ocean Drive, patients may opt to take part in meditation instruction and holistic services such as breathwork, yoga, and reiki to embrace recovery physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Caron Renaissance has long been known for its unique “Spiritual Fridays” that engage the patient community in shared exploration of spiritual healing and growth.

My mentor, Father Bill, at Caron many years ago used to say, 'My understanding of this is that it’s sickness, not sin.' I think that can be helpful, sometimes, for people who have strong faith backgrounds. Addiction is not a moral failure. We encourage healing instead of repentance. And that's the direction that I've always tried to take with people, whether religious or not.”

Rev. Jack Abel
Source: Interview in Lancaster Farming: "Opioid Addiction in Farm Country a Sad Legacy"

Ongoing Spiritual Support and Renewal

Alumni, families, and other interested persons attend Caron’s popular Spiritual Care retreats and regional support services. These opportunities are made available in collaboration with alumni services to support ongoing connection, spiritual well-being, and sustained recovery.

Caron is welcoming alumni to return to Chapel to mark milestone anniversaries and receive a celebratory coin. Reservations are required and can be made here.


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