Student Success Programming

Programs support and motivate teens and young adults to achieve their academic and recovery goals.

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Dedicated Student Success Team Members

  • Provide

    recovery-informed academic support and educational planning.

  • Help

    Teens, young adults, and their parents navigate education and career options that include recovery support.

  • Bring

    A wealth of experience in the education and addiction treatment fields.

Caron Pennsylvania and Caron Renaissance in Florida

Highlights of Student Success Programming

Caron has worked with teens and young adults for over four decades, and we have learned that with proper support and guidance, young people can achieve academic and personal goals.

Caron’s Student Success Programming at Caron Pennsylvania and Caron Renaissance in Florida offers critical educational services and support to focus and motivate teens and young adults to achieve their academic goals.

For High School Students

On-site Classroom at Caron Pennsylvania
Through Caron’s partnership with an educational provider and in alliance with patients’ home schools, patients are able to continue their schoolwork while in treatment, which allows them to maintain their academic status and return to their classes when treatment is completed. During the school year, a credentialed teacher oversees students as they work on their school assignments, and communicates with schools, parents, and the student’s clinical team as needed.

Student Success at Caron Pennsylvania and Caron Renaissance in Florida

The goal of this optional service is to provide support and guidance for students to succeed both academically and in their recovery, creating a life that sets them up to meet their personal and educational goals. Trained, knowledgeable Student Success team members help students both while in treatment and after treatment to set and work toward education goals and also support their recovery via weekly one-on-one meetings.


  • Assess the student’s academic record in order to create a roadmap that will guide his/her progress toward meeting academic and recovery goals.
  • Provide academic coaching that supports students in improving and/or maintaining strong academic performance.
  • Assist students in navigating ancillary education tasks such as course registration, medical or personal withdrawals, special needs advocacy, etc.


  • Help students structure an academic schedule that supports their recovery plan.
  • Guide students to an understanding of the need for balance between being a successful student and a successful person in early recovery and define what that balance looks like for them.
  • Find on- and off-campus recovery-based and mental health resources.
  • Collaborate with student’s treatment providers and counselors in order to ensure the student is continuing to meet his/her treatment goals.

Educational Goals

  • Provide students with information about college fairs, assist with arranging college and school visits, and coach students so they can make a favorable impression and maximize the benefits of the tours and visits.
  • Help students prep for tests such as the ACT, AP exams, SAT, and GED.
  • Guide students in developing college application strategies that will successfully position them to be favorably considered.
  • Work with students to create a resume in preparation for the college application process.
  • Enhance their executive functioning skills.
  • Strategize with students to help them plan how to successfully navigate their remaining high school years as a person in early recovery.

For Post-High School Young Adults and College Students

Student Success at Caron Pennsylvania and Caron Renaissance in Florida

During treatment
: Caron’s trained knowledgeable Student Success members help high school graduates and current college students create a plan to work toward their educational and personal goals. Using the results of educational assessments and an evaluation of the student’s academic history as well as school records, the Student Success team member meets weekly with the young adult to plan for his/her post-treatment life:

  • Coordinate tasks, such as, for example, helping the student explore the pros and cons of medical leave vs. taking an incomplete.
  • Plan their next steps, such as, for example, identifying best-fit colleges and navigating the application process that positions students in recovery as an asset to the schools.
  • Create sober supports that will provide a solid foundation while they are in school, from sober housing to AA or similar recovery support groups.

Post-treatment coaching: Student Success is available to all students when they leave treatment, whether they were working with a Student Success team member while in treatment or not. Student Success team members help young adults:

  • Understand the importance of and practice accountability, time management, and goal setting.
  • Understand what recovery-informed academic support is and how to access it.
  • Draft a best-fit college list and conceptualize an admissions strategy that incorporates recovery-informed services.
  • Evaluate whether reasonable accommodations and/or retroactive withdrawals/medical leaves are a good option.

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