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Healthcare Professionals

Our staff has 50 years of combined experience treating substance abuse disorders through proven addiction counseling and behavioral health therapies.

We understand that substance abuse among healthcare professionals is common, and for understandable reasons. Not only do doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals work in extremely stressful conditions, they have easy access to drugs. We understand how addiction uniquely impacts healthcare professionals, and we have a wealth of experience helping them find their way to recovery.

Our well-established healthcare professionals rehab program, located at Caron Pennsylvania, is comprehensive, compassionate, confidential and tailored to the medical community’s unique needs and challenges.

At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

Our Treatment Approach

When you choose Caron, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Headed by our Executive Program Director, who is a licensed clinical psychologist and has worked with Pennsylvania Physician Health Programs for nearly 30 years, and our Medical Director, who is board certified in psychiatry, addiction medicine and internal medicine, our integrated multidisciplinary treatment teams create customized care plans for every individual. 

Our extensive diagnostic experience and deep empathy allows us to assess even the most complex patient situations. This, plus our integrated, holistic approach, makes Caron the leading choice among healthcare professionals struggling with substance abuse. 

Meet the Healthcare Professional Program Medical Team

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Residential Treatment Program

Caron offers a 16 bed dedicated, free standing unit for our healthcare professionals program which allows for personalized clinical care to address the individual needs of each healthcare professional and their family in a safe and stigma-free environment.

Integral components of our Healthcare Professionals Program include:

  • An innovative phase system that provides a clinically driven variable length of stay
  • Direct communication. While in treatment, you’ll have regular, one-on-one meetings with the program’s Executive Director, Medical Director, and Addiction Medical Specialist.
  • Specialized group therapy sessions, including:
    • Professional groups to discuss and address licensure and work issues as well as integration back into one’s practice
    • Our Caduceus Group to deal with the professional persona, ease of access to drugs, and the effect of addiction on one’s medical practice and patient care
    • Identification and removal of barriers to sustained sobriety specific to healthcare professionals
    • Experiential workshops and groups to address trauma, personality styles, and family of origin patterns
  • On-site programming for patients with chronic pain including acupuncture, medical massage therapy, weekly chronic pain group, and physical therapy
  • Programming specific to the challenge medical professionals experience in seeking or accepting direction from others
  • Extensive expertise in areas such as process addictions, co-occurring psychiatric disorders and LGBTQ populations
  • Relationships with other organizations. Our program excels at working with referents and state advocacy programs, upon request and when appropriate

As clinically indicated, patients may also participate in the HCP Intensive Experiential Program facilitated by Breakthrough at Caron staff. This two-day program is designed to build connections within the community of recovering healthcare professionals and help patients better understand and more effectively navigate the tumultuous emotional world of early recovery. Patients examine their relationship patterns and explore questions such as “How well do I know myself?” and “Who am I outside of my career?” Potential challenges to sobriety are also identified – all while practicing emotional vulnerability in a safe setting.

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Residential Assessment Program

If you’re not sure that chemical dependency is the right diagnosis, we have a special, five-day, residential assessment program just for healthcare professionals. The assessment program diagnoses substance use disorder as well as other psychiatric or cognitive disorders.

Learn more about the Residential assessment here.

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Recovery for Life

Your individualized continuing care plan may include recommendations for recovery care support or My First Year of Recovery, a support and monitoring program that includes a private online social platform. We also work closely with professional health programs and state agencies. In short, we do everything we can to continue to support your recovery after treatment.

For more information on healthcare professional treatment programs at Caron, please contact us.

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Featured Staff
Executive Director of the Healthcare Professionals Program
Vice President of Medical Services and Medical Director
Dr. Garbely oversees all medical treatment at Caron’s Pennsylvania facility, including detoxification and medicine-related interventions.
Clinical Supervisor for the Healthcare Professionals Program