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Ocean Drive in Florida

A discreet luxury rehab center for people of affluence & influence.

The Experience

Located on Florida’s Gold Coast, Ocean Drive provides a safe haven for high net worth individuals to rehabilitate from addiction and self-destructive disorders. Our team of highly educated clinicians has extensive experience working with prominent adults, as well as tailoring empirically based addiction rehab plans to their unique lifestyle challenges. Each client always receives compassionate, individualized care with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

In contrast to other luxury rehab centers in Florida, Ocean Drive clients live in stately, manor-style villas and receive intensive treatment on a separate clinical campus. We believe this preserves a tranquil space for rest and renewal. Our clients are able to stay connected to work and loved ones during treatment as long as it does not hinder progress. In most cases, clients maintain access to laptops and cell phones, attend important meetings and keep in touch with work and family. We make every effort to ensure that clients’ experiences are, comfortable, productive and relevant to real world-challenges.

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Individuals with a high societal identity suffering from an addiction have unique cultural and clinical issues. This type of identity must be addressed by a team of professionals who are trained to sort through the complicated and nuanced issues that arise at the intersection of addiction, wealth, power and privilege. The Ocean Drive Program provides its clients with this heightened level of clinical care.
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Ocean Drive in Florida At A Glance

Caron Treatment Programs

Addiction Rehab for Young Adults (19-25) i
Inpatient Teen Rehab (13-18) i
Addiction Rehab for Adults i
Addiction Rehab for Older Adults i
Chronic Pain & Painkiller Addiction Treatment i
Addiction Rehab for Healthcare Professionals i
Relapse Treatment i
Executives Program at Grand View
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Features & Services

Co-occurring Disorders Treatment
Detox Services
Psychological Services
Spiritual Support
Fitness & Recreation
Diet & Nutrition Services
Family Support & Treatment
Neurofeedback Therapy
Continuing Care Support
Ocean Drive in Florida Key Programs

Ocean Drive’s behavioral health expertise allows our team of doctorate and master's-level therapists to treat more than substance abuse and symptoms. We look at each client’s mind, body and spirit in order to unearth underlying causes of addiction. This holistic approach lays the foundation for deep-seated healing.

Our personalized interventions address everything from emotional trauma to physical health and even career growth. Along the way, we help clients and families address the root causes of addiction so they can make lasting changes.

Our clinical team creates customized treatment plans for each client based on an all-encompassing medical and psychological evaluation. Throughout treatment, the team looks for creative easy to optimize rehab plans for long-term recovery. The same goes for families; we believe in treatment for the whole family at Ocean Drive, meaning we treat families alongside their addicted loved ones and design family treatment plans for each affected individual.

Clients can expect the hallmarks of preeminent behavioral health care, including comprehensive psychological, psychiatric and medical assessments; designated personal therapies; group and individual treatment; fitness and recreation; diet and nutritional services; as well as access to an array of complimentary therapies such as massage, yoga, breath work and more.

Family Treatment
We Support Families Until They're Whole Again

Our attention to family relationships sets us apart from other luxury rehab centers in Florida and beyond.. We involve family members (both immediate and extended), friends and colleagues in clients’ treatment and provide specialized family interventions from admission through Continuing Care. Our family therapists conduct intensive assessments of the family system in order to create customized treatment plans. These include:

  • family counseling
  • family workshops
  • residential family restructuring
  • Continuing Care services

Ocean Drive in Florida has helped countless high-net worth families recalibrate relationships and build stronger bonds. Visit the Ocean Drive website to learn more.

Continuing Care
We're Here For You. For Life.

Recovery is a lifetime commitment—for clients and for us too. We work hard to maintain strong relationships with alumni clients and families so they continue to heal long after they formally complete treatment. Ocean Drive’s Continuing Care services ensure smooth transitions into the real world. Each individual we treat receives a Continuing Care plan designed to support his unique needs, provide accountability, establish support systems, guide family recovery and help to re-define relational roles along the way. Alumni clients and families are always welcome to turn to Ocean Drive for help, which is why we’re accessible 24/7.

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" Ocean Drive is the inspiration of the leaders of Caron Renaissance. Since no two psychological profiles are identical, Ocean Drive tailors solutions to the particular history and symptoms presented."
Clinical Director, Florida Ocean Drive