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Laura Yeager

Laura Yeager
Primary Therapist
Florida (Renaissance)
A headshot of Laura Yeager.

Laura Yeager has been a case specialist at Caron Renaissance since 2017. In this role, she works as part of the admissions team completing assessments and engaging with patients, families, and professionals.

As she explains, the circumstances that bring patients and families to her are often the result of a crisis situation, resulting in high levels of anxiety. “I guide and assist them in determining what their options are and which options will best serve their needs. In most cases, Caron can provide the care they need, but when they can’t, I help them identify alternatives.” Her ability to empathize with what the families are going through enables her to provide calm reassurance so they can concentrate on next steps.

Her role extends beyond admissions to providing case management throughout the patient’s stay at Renaissance, from providing information to the clinical team to answering financial questions from patients and families.

She began her career at Caron Ocean Drive in 2014 as a counselor assistant and then lead counselor assistant, roles that prepared her for the work she does now, both in terms of her understanding of Caron and in her ability to stay calm in and resolve crises. Her work in the substance abuse and behavioral health treatment industry in the early 2000s has given her a deep respect for Caron’s clinical care and approach to treatment.

Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is currently working on her master’s degree in social work.

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