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Dr. Secquay Gordon

Dr. Secquay Gordon
Family Therapist
Florida (Renaissance)
A headshot of Secquay Gordon.

Dr. Secquay Gordon has been a licensed marriage and family therapist at Caron Renaissance since 2018. He has found that his ability to build rapport and connect with patients and families gives him the ability to create an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Caron’s emphasis on incorporating the family from a systemic point of view is critical as Dr. Gordon sees it and he deeply respects that approach to treatment.

Dr. Gordon has a doctorate in marriage and family therapy from Nova Southeastern University. That education as well as training in structural family training with Salvador Minuchin, founder of structural therapy, gave him a deep knowledge of and expertise in family systems and its role in treating substance use disorder.

Prior to his work as a family therapist at Caron, Dr. Gordon worked as a clinical director, community-based outpatient therapist, and held a private practice. He is a Florida-approved supervisor. Dr. Gordon also specializes in the effects of internal and external influences on professional athletes. His dissertation explored the career cycle of professional athletes and their families and the difficulties in adjusting to retirement.

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