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Lesley Maurer

Lesley Maurer
Director of Admissions Operations
Pennsylvania, Florida
Lesley Maurer

In her role, Lesley Maurer is dedicated to ensuring that prospective patients and family members receive accurate and detailed information about Caron and are warmly welcomed when they arrive to campus.

To do this, she manages the admissions process for Caron’s inpatient programs and Partial Hospitalization Program in Pennsylvania and Florida, overseeing phone operators, receptionists, admission associates, and admissions specialists. She also handles registration and scheduling for the Breakthrough Program.

Lesley has worked at Caron since 2003, building a wealth of experience in welcoming patients and families and introducing them to Caron, coordinating admissions processes, and coaching and mentoring her staff. Her attention to detail, strong knowledge of Caron’s programs, and problem solving have helped her to provide the best possible service to patients and families. She is also grateful to have a dedicated and hard-working staff that provides excellent customer service on a daily basis.

She has been in the admissions department since she started as an admissions specialist. She was promoted to a management role in 2011 and to her current position in 2021.

Lesley is a certified allied addiction practitioner (CAAP) with an associate degree in psychology with a concentration in addiction studies from Reading Area Community College, Pennsylvania.

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