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Meaghan Schlott

Meaghan Schlott
Corporate Director of Admissions
Pennsylvania, Florida
A headshot of Meaghan Schlott.

Meaghan Schlott is the corporate director of admissions at Caron, a role she took on in 2018. In this role, she oversees several departments that consist of Caron's front end staff.

She manages the admissions specialists, admissions associates, and the operators across all of Caron's programs. Providing her experienced insight of 10 plus years in the industry, she is involved in all admissions operations such as bed coordination, initial assessments, and the arrival of clients’ families for admission and tours. Meaghan's strengths include creating a culture of trust, creativity, and accountability by teaching her leaders how to lead and delivering excellent external and internal customer service.

Meaghan also works closely with Caron’s regional resource directors, maintains referral relationships during the admission process, and provides recommendations for clients for whom Caron is not the right fit. She works side by side with talented professionals in every Caron department especially those from the admissions, clinical, and financial teams. Meaghan loves her work because of the high level of creativity and customer service all teams provide to enable clients and families to get the most benefit out of their experience.

She has a bachelor’s degree in addiction studies and is a certified allied addiction practitioner (CAAP). She is currently working on her MBA.

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