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SAP Services for Professionals

Caron SAP offers programming and training designed to help professionals guide students toward successful, substance-free lives.

Presentations for Professionals

Whether they work in schools or in the community, youth-serving professionals can have a profound impact on the choices that students make. To maximize their positive influence, Caron SAP offers programming and training that supports and enhances organized efforts to guide students toward successful, substance-free lives.

Programs and services can be offered in person or through virtual platforms.

A concerned parent talking during a treatment session with a female doctor taking notes on a notebook.

Partnering with SAP

Designed to educate school personnel on the SAP team’s role and highlight the ways in which SAP can aid students who face barriers to education or personal success.

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Kids of Promise: Supporting Youth Impacted by the Substance…

In this training, participants will understand how to foster hope in the lives of youth they work with who are impacted by the substance use disorder of a loved one.

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Cycle of Addiction

The Cycle of Addiction Workshop educates professionals on the science behind addiction, as well as the physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms that manifest in teens during each stage of use.

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Teens and Nicotine

Teens and Nicotine explores current adolescent nicotine use trends; examines the link between teen smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes and other substance use and mental health disorders.

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Current Trends in Teen Substance Use

Understanding the current youth drugs trends can help professionals to prevent and intervene.

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Group Facilitation

This training is designed for school and agency personnel who wish to facilitate in-school, psycho-educational support groups.

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Project CONNECT Facilitator Training

The Project CONNECT® Facilitator Training provides prospective Project CONNECT® program facilitators with the skills and confidence they need to implement this adolescent nicotine cessation and reduction program.

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SAP K-12 Training

Caron’s Student Assistance Programming (SAP) is a systematic process that teaches school personnel effective, professional techniques for removing barriers to learning and connecting at-risk students and their parents to services and resources within the community.

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SAP Team Maintenance

Workshops teach SAP team members to maximize their collective ability to help at-risk students overcome obstacles and get connected to the resources they need in order to thrive.

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SBIRT Training

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Training helps child serving individuals and organizations address problematic youth substance use.

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Read what our experts say about addiction and recovery.

Read what our experts say about addiction and recovery.

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