THRIVE for Youth-Serving Professionals – Living Life Well

A training series focusing on improving the well-being of youth-serving professionals.

Youth-serving professionals often experience elevated levels of stress, challenging their well-being. Well-being requires overall good physical and mental health and an optimistic outlook. The THRIVE program is specifically designed for youth-serving professionals, incorporating techniques such as mindfulness, stress management, and resiliency-building strategies.

Program Goals

  • Increase awareness of the barriers that interfere with well-being.
  • Introduce strategies to support overall health and well-being.
  • Strengthen connections with participants’ support systems.
  • Reinforce self-care as a priority.

The THRIVE Program is made up of six (6) one-hour sessions.

1. Transcending Stress – Topics include symptoms of stress, grounding techniques, and progressive relaxation.
2. Heightening Resilience - Exploring strengths, perspective (optimism), acceptance, and gratitude.
3. Recognizing Emotions – Discussion on cognitive distortions, emotion identification, and restructuring thoughts.
4. Investing in Connections – Exploring the value of relationships, social connections and volunteerism.
5. Valuing Balance – How to establish routines, manage time, address compassion fatigue and engage in self-care.
6. Elevating Joy - Discovery of the benefits of goal setting, value exploration, meaning/purpose (passion), and fun

Each session incorporates:

  • Kinesthetic/Experiential Activity
  • Didactic Elements
  • Self-Reflection
  • Application

These sessions may be taken in any order, as a stand-alone program or as part of the complete series. The timing of the sessions will be customized to the needs of your school/agency. They may be offered weekly or throughout the year, before or after school, in the evening as part of a school’s in-service days, or in an agency setting. Each is facilitated by a professional from Caron’s Education Alliance.

For questions, information, or to schedule programming, please contact Cory Trevena at or 610-678-6117.

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