SAP K-12 Trainings

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SAP K-12 Trainings

Caron’s Student Assistance Programming (SAP) is a systematic process that teaches school personnel effective, professional techniques for removing barriers to learning and connecting at-risk students and their parents to services and resources within the community. SAP is run by a team of people—faculty or staff chosen by each school—which receives up-to-date training in four core competencies:

  • Foundations of student assistance programming.
  • The student assistance team and process.
  • Working collaboratively to engage families/community partners in the SAP process.
  • Child and adolescent behavioral health issues.

Caron is certified through the Pennsylvania Department of Education to provide K-12 Student Assistance Program Training. Caron is able to provide this training model outside of Pennsylvania and will adapt the program to meet the needs of any school setting.

If you are interested in attending a training session or you would like to schedule a training specifically for your school, please contact the Student Assistance Office at 610-743-6117.

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