Project CONNECT® Facilitator Training

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Purpose of the Training

The Project CONNECT® Facilitator Training program provides instruction for teachers, nurses, counselors, and other public health professionals on how to facilitate the 8-session Project CONNECT® adolescent tobacco cessation and reduction program at their organization.

Objectives for the Training

  • To provide an overview of adolescent tobacco use trends and the importance of youth cessation interventions.
  • To become familiarized with the Project CONNECT® curriculum.
  • To learn skills needed to conduct the Project CONNECT® program successfully.
  • To discuss practical implementation issues.
  • To facilitate selected portions of the Project CONNECT® curriculum.

This program was designed for use with adolescents in a group setting. It has not been designed or tested for use with adults or as a one-on-one cessation tool. Success cannot be guaranteed when the program is not implemented with fidelity.

Project CONNECT® Facilitator Training - Professional Program

The Project CONNECT® Facilitator program trains child-serving professionals how to facilitate the 8-session Project Connect adolescent nicotine cessation and reduction program.

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