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Student Assistance Program (SAP) Services for Youth

We partner with schools, families, communities and other organizations to provide customizable prevention programs for drugs, alcohol and nicotine.

Preparing Youth to Thrive

Today’s youth face many challenges. More often than not, they need help when it comes to finding and taking the right path. In response, we’ve developed several programs to help students reach their potential and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome life’s obstacles in a healthy, substance-free way. Programs and services can be offered in person or through virtual platforms.


Caron SAP provides behavioral health assessments for students in grades five through twelve. During one-on-one meetings, Caron SAP Specialists interview students to identify substance use related problems, mental health issues, and other factors that could negatively affect a young person’s life. Upon completing the comprehensive assessment, specialists make recommendations and help students implement them.

Recommendations are confidential and will only be shared with the guardian of the student and the school’s SAP Core Team. Participation is voluntary. Parents have the right to choose whether their children will participate. Parents who want to request an Assessment for their child can complete an online form or call 800-678-2332 ext. 6117.

Prevention & Educational Programs

PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Program

The PATHS® Program teaches children how to change behaviors and attitudes that contribute to violence and bullying, how to express and control their emotions, and how to develop effective conflict-resolution strategies.

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Botvin LifeSkills® Training

Botvin LifeSkills® Training helps students, grades 3- 12, develop skills that reduce alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

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Brain Drain

This highly interactive, 45- 60 minute presentation provides current, research-based information on various aspects of drug abuse and addiction.

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The CLEAR Facts

In this program, students will learn about the health impact of using nicotine and cannabis.

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The Next Step

This program gives high school seniors the facts about commonly used substances on college campuses and the resources to access support.

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Pay it Forward

This three-session workshop for students, Pay it Forward seamlessly blends activities, discussions, and trainings into one powerful peer leadership training program.

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Peak Performance: Student Athlete Program

Caron's Peak Performance Program offers education about the increased risk student athletes face and strategies for how to avoid that risk.

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Cliff Crosby’s "Your Actions Create Your Tomorrow"

Clifton “Cliff” Crosby, the charismatic and accomplished Super Bowl Champion, shares his inspirational story.

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Caron’s Education Alliance offers a wide variety of intervention and skill-building programs. These programs help students learn to cope effectively with many common barriers to their success and allow them to gain strength and understanding in a confidential setting with peers who share their struggles.

Cannabis Awareness and Reduction Education (CARE) Together…

Helping students reduce, quit, and understand the effects of cannabis use.

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Teen Intervene

Teens struggling with alcohol/substance use are educated & motivated for change through individual intervention sessions.

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Cannabis / Marijuana Brief Intervention

Addressing teen canabis/marijuana use and enacting change

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Project CONNECT®

Project CONNECT® is a nicotine cessation and reduction program that empowers adolescents to make positive choices.

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Vaping Intervention, Education & Wellness for Students (VIEWS) is a diversion program that helps youth avoid, reduce, or quit the use of vaping products and make responsible, healthy decisions.

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Kids of Promise

Kids of Promise® (KOP) services are designed to assist children and adolescents whose family has been impacted by addiction.

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Read what our experts say about addiction and recovery.

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