Treatment Programs

Addiction Treatment Program for Medical Professionals

Personalized, confidential, stigma-free treatment addresses the needs of those who care for the health of others.

Female doctor in a white doctors jacket and stethoscope smiling at another female patient.

At a Glance

  • Healthcare professionals

    designed the program for the specific needs and concerns of healthcare professionals.

  • The highly experienced, credentialed treatment team

    includes doctoral-level professionals.

  • Specialized group therapy sessions

    address work issues, including integration back into professional practice.


Highlights of the Healthcare Professionals Program

Healthcare professionals—like physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses—find the support and expertise they need to heal in a safe environment. Being in treatment among their peers who are also in safety-sensitive positions, there is a fundamental understanding that creates a sense of privacy and trust.

Treatment Components

Our program is located at Caron Pennsylvania and run by healthcare professionals who have deep empathy for and understanding of what healthcare work entails. They've developed a unique approach which includes:

Specialized Services

  • Detox services, if needed, at Caron’s state-of-the art medical building, staffed by a full-time medical team.
  • An innovative phase system with a clinically driven variable length of stay to allow patients to participate in specialized programming to address underlying issues that may hinder recovery.
  • On-site treatment for patients with chronic pain.
  • Family programming that invites all members to participate in the healing process.

Treatment and Therapies

  • Treatment of complex issues including dual diagnosis, addiction interaction disorder (AID), and process addictions.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), as well as schema and 4th-Step group work.
  • Trauma treatment using proven therapies, such as EMDR, cognitive processing therapy (CPT), and psychoeducation.
  • One-on-one meetings with the addiction medicine team.
  • Specialized group therapy sessions that address licensure and work issues and integration back into professional practice.
  • A Caduceus Group to deal with professional persona, ease of access to drugs, and the impact addiction has on medical practice and patient care.

Physical Wellness

  • Access to the full range of on-site wellness amenities, including a fitness center and wellness programs.
  • Access to on-staff registered dietitians who provide education and guidance.

Return to Work

  • Coordination with a patient’s referent and, with the patient’s permission, colleagues and state advocacy programs to gather necessary information, provide updates during treatment, and plan for the patient’s return to work.

Residential Assessment Designed for Healthcare Professionals

For healthcare professionals unsure that substance use disorder is the right diagnosis, we have a special Residential Assessment Program to evaluate the substance use disorder diagnosis and other psychiatric or cognitive disorders. Doctoral-level addiction medicine professionals conduct the assessment, which includes:

  • Detoxification services, if needed.
  • Psychological/psychiatric evaluation.
  • Medical history and physical evaluation.
  • Lab studies, including comprehensive toxicology screenings.
  • Family assessments.
  • Psychometric testing and, if indicated, neurocognitive assessment.

During the assessment, patients undergo treatment while also participating in community activities and building relationships with their peers.

When the assessment is complete, the patient and their family meet with the treatment team to review the findings and confirm if a substance use disorder exists. In cases where substance use disorder or mental health conditions are indicated, the team works with the patient and family to develop a behavioral health treatment plan.

Continuing care options support your life in recovery.

Evidence-based research shows that long-term recovery is accomplished best with structured support that encourages accountability and builds self-esteem. Caron has developed robust continuing care options that meet your and your family’s needs.

As appropriate with patient consent, professional monitoring programs can be included in the continuing care plan.


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