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Student Success Programming

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Highlights of the Student Success Programming

Substance use disorder treatment does not have to jeopardize a young person’s academic prospects and hopes for an engaged and rewarding future. Caron’s Student Success Programming offers services and support to focus and motivate teens and young adults to move toward their goals.

For High School Students

On-site Classroom at Caron Pennsylvania

Through Caron’s active partnership with an educational provider and alliances with patients’ schools, patients are able to continue their schoolwork while in treatment, allowing them to maintain their academic status and return to their classes when their treatment is completed. During the school year, a credentialed teacher oversees students as they work on their school assignments. The teacher also communicates with schools, parents and the clinical team as needed.

Student Success Coaching

The goal of this optional service is to provide support and guidance for students to succeed both academically and in their recovery, creating a life in recovery that sets them up to meet their personal and educational goals. Trained knowledgeable student success coaches:

  • Assess a student's academic record in order to create a roadmap that will guide their progress towards meeting their academic and recovery goals.
  • Provide academic coaching.
  • Assist students in navigating course registration, medical or personal withdrawals, special needs advocacy, etc.
  • Find on and off-campus recovery-based and mental health resources.
  • Provide information about college fairs and assist with arranging college and school visits, as well as coach them on those fairs/visits.
  • Help students prep for tests such as the SAT, GED, GMAT, and LSAT.
  • Guide students in developing college application strategies, as well as work with them to create a resume.

During Treatment

While young adults are in treatment, their coach is their liaison to their school, keeping teachers and guidance counselors up to date on their needs and progress. Weekly conversations enable the young adult and coach to work together to create a recovery plan that includes recovery, personal, and scholastic goals and the steps needed to accomplish those goals.


Coaches can continue to work with young adults in their post-treatment lives through weekly phone/video calls. The coach helps the young adult to successfully integrate back into the academic environment, whether at their original school, a new school, or some other educational provider. The coach also works with the young adult to create a successful, rewarding life in recovery and meet the challenges those new to recovery often face.

The coach continues to act as a liaison with school staff to stay up to date on the student’s progress and needs and provide information to school staff as needed.

For Post-High School Young Adults and College Students

Student Success Coaching

During treatment: Through this optional service, Caron’s trained knowledgeable student success coaches help high school graduates and current college students create a plan to work toward their educational and personal goals. Using the results of educational assessments and an evaluation of the student’s academic history as well as school records, the success coach meets weekly with the young adult to plan for their post-treatment life. This planning includes coordinating tasks, such as, for example helping the student explore the pros and cons of medical leave vs. getting incompletes.

With approval from the student, they also communicate with parents and school staff when appropriate while the student is in treatment, both to keep them updated on the student's progress and to get information as needed.

By engaging with the student to uncover their goals, fears, and motivations, the coach helps them better understand what they need to do to move forward. For example, coaches work with students to identify best-fit colleges and craft a narrative that positions them and their recovery as an asset to the schools in order to differentiate themselves through the application process.

Post-treatment coaching: Coaching is available to all students when they leave treatment, whether they were working with a coach while in treatment or not. Meeting with students and parents via phone/video calls, coaches provide the same services and support they did while students were in treatment. Those services range from accountability, time management, goal setting, and recovery-informed academic support to helping the individual student draft a best-fit college list and conceptualize an admissions strategy that incorporates recovery-informed services.

The Sober Dorm Program at Caron Renaissance

Sometimes, it can be difficult or unwise for a person who has just finished treatment to immediately shift back into “real world” environments, especially a setting such as on-campus college living. The Sober Dorm program at Caron Renaissance, located on its Florida campus, offers an alternative for students who want the structure and services of off-campus recovery-supportive housing.

The Sober Dorm Program helps foster a safe collegiate recovery environment of like-minded individuals working together daily to practice the principles of recovery and abstain from using drugs and alcohol.

An academic liaison is available and serves as an advocate to help students clarify, define, and reach their academic goals and will work with the student and the school to achieve everyone’s needs.

Clinical services include:

  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with the program counselors.
  • Family calls with the program counselors.
  • Weekly sober dorm meeting.
  • On-site resident advisor.
  • Clinical services and oversight.

Semester of Support Program

Caron Renaissance’s Semester of Support Program alleviates the isolation and uncertainty created by the pandemic and strengthens coping skills, responsibility, social skills, and independence. Located on the Caron Renaissance Florida campus, the Semester of Support Program is tailored to meet young people’s mental health needs, attend to their substance use issues, provide academic/vocational experiences and guidance, and expand their future potential. Caron accepts young people into the program at any point. There is no need to wait until the beginning or end of a semester.

A team of dedicated academic advisors/coaches guide and support participants as they focus on academics and explore future vocational and professional choices. Our expert clinicians attend to their emotional and mental health and substance use issues through group work, individual counseling, and additional therapies as needed.

Recovery Support for the First Year Following Treatment

My First Year of Recovery is an individualized therapeutic support and monitoring program that offers additional support and accountability.

The program incorporates elements that provide guidance, support, accountability, and resources for people in early recovery for the first year and beyond if needed.

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Read what our experts have to say about addiction and recovery.

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