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Role Models for Change Academy

Experience the Power of Peer Education

A two-part peer prevention education program, Role Models for Change Academy utilizes mentorship, education, and peer-to-peer support training to highlight the consequences of nicotine use (including vaping) by youth.

Part I - Leadership Skills Workshop

Caron specialists facilitate four modules with identified peer leaders. Each module is designed to educate participants about the negative impact of nicotine and how, as leaders, they can have a positive effect on their younger peers.

The workshop objectives are:

  • Develop and enhance leadership skills through team-building exercises and by learning effective communication skills
  • Learn nicotine-specific substance use information and understand the negative impact of nicotine, including vaping
  • Practice leading activities to share with their younger peers

The length and structure of the modules can be modified to fit specific school/agency needs.

  • Module 1: Program Overview and Team Building
  • Module 2: Effective Communication and Facilitation Skills
  • Module 3: Nicotine Education
  • Module 4: Practice

Part II - Role Models for Change Prevention Education

The trained peer leaders and a Caron Specialist deliver interactive classroom programs to middle or high school students within a school district or youth-serving agency.

Topics include:

  • The importance of remaining nicotine-free
  • The physical, social, emotional, and mental consequences of nicotine use
  • Nicotine addiction and why young people are particularly vulnerable
  • The impact nicotine has on a developing brain

The format allows the peer leaders to:

  • Experience positive interactions and team-based learning with their peers and student leaders
  • Earn an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills by co-facilitating prevention education sessions
  • Understand the power of their positive influence on their peers
  • Process their Academy experience and receive feedback from the Caron Specialist

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