Peak Performance: Student Athlete Program

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Over half of all high school students in the U.S. are athletes. That is approximately 8 million athletes, yet only 6% will have the opportunity to play sports in college. This competitive dynamic has increased stress, performance anxiety, and created a willingness to do whatever it takes to gain a competitive edge.

The Peak Performance workshops educate athletes, parents, and coaches on the true effects substances can have on a student’s performance and discusses alternative healthy strategies. These interactive programs are delivered by a Caron Student Assistance Program Specialist.

Topics covered include:

  • The impact of substances on athletic performance, including caffeine and workout supplements.
  • The unique factors that place athletes at greater risk for substance abuse than non-athletes.
  • Strategies to develop a positive team culture.
  • How to be at peak performance throughout the season so both personal and team goals can be met.

High School and College Student Athlete Programs

These programs, customized for high school or college aged athletes, provide information on the importance of substance use prevention for themselves and their teammates.

  • 45-minutes, team format preferred
  • Assembly and multi-team format available
  • Customized for High School or College students
  • Promotes prevention and the importance of communication

  • 30-minutes
  • Topics include alcohol, cannabis, nicotine, caffeine, or medication and injury
  • Customized for high school or college students

  • 30-minutes
  • Topics available include improving sleep, team building, communication, or stress management
  • Customized for high school or college students

  • 3- to 4-hour workshop of multiple sessions for high school students
  • Focuses on leadership skills and promoting healthy decisions to establish a positive team culture

Coaches and Parent Programs

These workshops, facilitated by a Caron specialist, help coaches and parents better support their student athlete.

  • 45-minute presentation
  • Promotes understanding on how substances can affect athletic performance, what to look for, and simple, effective ways to address concerns.
  • Helps participants develop strategies for communicating prevention messaging to their student athletes
  • Program is customized based on the age of the students being coached

  • Evidence-based practice used to identify, reduce, and prevent problematic use, abuse, and dependence on alcohol and illicit drugs

Guest Speakers

Cliff is a highly sought-after and charismatic motivational speaker who shares his struggles growing up with parental addiction and the choices he made that helped him thrive despite these challenges.

Chris shares his inspiring story of recovery in this engaging presentation.

Recommendations for Program Implementation

  • Pre-season Presentations
  • Mid-Season Team Event
  • Parent/Athlete Night Breakout Session
  • School-day Prevention Program

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