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Grand View Women’s Program - Substance Use Treatment

The issues you face do not need to define you. Let us help you be the person you want to be.

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At a Glance

  • Specialized family treatment

    includes couples therapy and private FaceTime-like therapy sessions for mothers and children.

  • Trauma specialists with advanced training

    use gold-standard therapies proven effective in treating trauma.

  • Full time medical and psychological staff and master's-level therapists

    are primarily women, led by clinicians with expertise in treating women.

  • Private, serene living quarters

    include private bedrooms and baths, work area, and Wifi in the Carol E. Ware Women's Center.


Highlights of Grand View Women's Program

in the Carol E. Ware Women's Center

With the expert care and empathetic support at our Grand View Women's Program, you can find ways to recreate the connections and meaningful purpose that define life as you want to live it. Located in a secluded area of the Caron Pennsylvania campus, this rehab program is housed in a freestanding, private building named the Carol E. Ware Women's Center. It offers a spacious, comfortable environment and features a large, hospitable front porch with a beautiful view of a rural country landscape.

Treatment is carefully designed to empower women in a welcoming, emotionally safe place where they can address their individual needs related to addiction and underlying co-occurring disorders. Examples of co-occurring disorders are trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and process addictions (shopping, sex, food, work, etc.). Caron's team of doctoral-level psychologists and master’s level clinical staff is experienced in specialized treatment tailored to your needs.

The Grand View Women's Program is based on intensive, personalized counseling, small-group therapy with like-minded women, and experiential work -- all of which takes place in an intimate, trauma-sensitive environment where you can be at ease. Because many small group sessions will be with other female patients from the same program, you will be able to build the rapport and connection needed for healing and recovery.

"I needed to prove to people I was not an alcoholic."

For Shannon, the feeling of needing to be the perfect mom, employee, and wife drove her deeper into her addiction.

Foundational Rehab Elements

Because we believe that a healthy recovery incorporates healing for mind, body, and soul, Grand View Women's Program focuses on your overall wellness.


  • A thorough series of evaluations and assessments, beginning with a medical history and evaluation and in-depth psychological assessments, so we have a comprehensive picture of the factors keeping you from the full and healthy life you deserve.
  • A brain mapping session creates a baseline assessment of brain function and determines if neurofeedback is clinically appropriate.
  • Evidence-based therapeutic interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), support your rehab, growth and recovery.
  • Women's Individual therapy sessions with experienced master’s-level, credentialed therapists who establish a treatment plan that is right for you and assist you in developing skills for a life of recovery.
  • Group therapy helps you work through specific issues such as relationships, work-life balance, body image and parenting for example.
  • Intensive rehab workshops focus on issues that can block your recovery, such as work, money, sex, relationships, family of origin, and relapse, among others.
  • Executive coaching pays particular attention to home and work/life balance while managing the multiple roles as parent, spouse, and professional.
  • Recovery groups that support treatment such as the 12-Step Program, Smart Recovery, Recovery Dharma, and other alternatives.


  • Medical detoxification services are offered at our on-site fully staffed medical center as needed.
  • A registered dietitian provides nutrition guidance and recommendations, as clinically necessary. Also special meal plans, like kosher and gluten free, can be requested.
  • A state-of-the-art fitness and wellness center, staffed by certified trainers, is available for private use along with others in the Women's Center.
  • Specialized treatment for issues related to substance use, including chronic pain, trauma, and disordered eating, uses gold-standard therapies provided by expert specialists.


  • Spiritual counseling and groups help you work through issues such as guilt and shame, finding your inner spirit, and addressing grief and loss.
  • Experiential therapies, such as art and dance movement, assist you in discovering core emotions that otherwise may be difficult to verbally express.
  • Connections to women in recovery, with similar life circumstances, offer insight and hope during and after treatment.
  • Holistic therapies – like meditation, yoga, and massage therapy – build body-mind-spirit connections that enable deep healing.

Treating Trauma Helps Promote Your Recovery

Left untreated, the effects of trauma can block your path to recovery. Our trauma specialists create an individual treatment plan for you to address the effects of trauma and provide healing. They use these gold-standard therapies proven to be effective in treating trauma:

  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).
  • Cognitive processing therapy (CPT), a therapy that works quickly to significantly reduce or eliminate acute symptoms of PTSD, including flashbacks, intrusive memories, feelings of shame or guilt, and avoidance of trauma reminders, which can be a significant relapse trigger if not addressed.
  • Specialty cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) groups to address coping skills for anxiety and depression.
  • Holistic therapies such as mindfulness medication and trauma-sensitive yoga with certified instructors providing a safe way to gently relearn how it feels to be “in” your body.

Grand View Women’s Program - Virtual Tour

A serene, private environment in our Carol E. Ware Women's Center where you can heal.

Treatment for the Whole Family

Caron believes that your wellness and recovery is tightly intertwined with your family’s wellness and recovery. To create a balanced, healthy system that works well for everyone in the family unit, Caron has a full-time master’s level family therapist on staff who works with both the patient and the family to facilitate healing.

Using a family systems approach, the therapist works with you to identify your primary relationships and goals based on importance to you and your rehab. The goal is to help everyone better understand the effects of substance use disorder on the family system and to support and guide the family to healthier relationships and open communication. The therapist also helps family members understand what they need to do to ensure rehab supports their well-being.

  • For You and Your Spouse/Partner: The family therapist works with both of you to examine how substance use has affected your relationship and help address patterns of behavior blocking deep emotional connection. You'll learn productive communication skills and build a foundation for healthier, more satisfying relationship.
  • For Your and Your Children: Involve your children in the healing of the treatment process is important. This program offers FaceTime-like therapeutics for patient and child work. Caron’s Satell Children and Teens Program is available virtually to all patients’ children.
  • Virtually Connected: Technology ensures that we can set up family rehab treatment sessions via video-conference as needed – whether to accommodate schedules or due to health concerns. You'll be able to see your loved ones while you are in treatment even when in-person meetings may not be possible.

Robust, supportive continuing care options meet the needs of you and your family.

Evidence-based research shows that long-term recovery is accomplished best through structured support that encourages accountability, builds self-esteem, and nurtures family systems. From your initial assessments throughout your stay, your treatment team monitors your needs to inform a continuum of rehab that supports your clinical needs beyond in-patient treatment.

With treatment centers in Florida and Pennsylvania as well as a number of regional recovery centers across the East Coast, Caron ensures you can stay connected through our continuum of treatment and support services. We also have an established network of vetted physicians and therapists to refer you to for rehab as needed.

Our alumni support activities and the Caron Recovery Network also offer support and guidance as you create your life in recovery.


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