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Young Adult Addiction Rehab

As a pioneer in treating young adults with addiction problems, our behavioral health rehab programs transform the lives and families.

Inpatient Addiction Rehab for Young Adults

Young adults face major life transitions. As they move from childhood to adulthood, as well as from dependence to independence, teens can get lost and turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the stress. Caron's holistic rehab programs are specifically designed to help 19-25 year olds move out of addiction, rediscover their purpose, and stay in recovery. Whether this is a young adult's first time in rehab or they've tried another program before, we're here to support them and their family until they're whole again.

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At Caron, we can help you build a treatment program that meets your needs.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Team and Individual Care

Each young adult patient at Caron is assigned a multidisciplinary treatment team, made up of experienced, dedicated professionals such as:

  • Licensed psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Certified and master-level addiction counselors
  • American Board of Addiction Medicine –certified medical doctors
  • Certified nutritionists
  • Health and wellness experts
  • Spiritual leaders

The team will talk and work extensively with the patient and their family and perform several different evaluations, then design an individual treatment plan based on substance abuse history, and other factors, including any co-occurring addictions, disorders or other problems. The team collaborates daily to ensure that every young adult is progressing as they should in treatment. Learn more about evaluations and treatment plans.

For our work with young adults, it's important that caregivers and counselors can relate to patients. It's critical to understand the role of peer involvement and the immense changes people in this age group are going through. We treat young adults separately from adults, and from teenagers, for good reason, and our staff is well-versed in the unique concerns, trends, and tendencies of this particular age group.

Getting Substances Out of the System

A physician or nurse practitioner will provide a basic medical assessment for each teen entering treatment at Caron. This allows the medical team to assess the health of the patient and determine whether or not medical detoxification (detox) is necessary. The medical assessment includes blood and urine screenings, analysis of a young adult's medical history, addiction assessments, and HIV and STD testing, if applicable. As the same time, the medical staff will also assess the need for adjunctive medications, such as anti-craving medications. Significant medical issues are addressed and considered in a patient's individualized treatment plan.

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The Elements of Rehab

As a world-class integrated behavioral health treatment center, we treat all physical and psychological conditions simultaneously, which is essential for lasting transformation. We combine 12-Step principles with proven therapies that address all aspects of optimal wellness.

Our inpatient treatment for young adults is individualized; meeting each person where they are at in life. While each young adult's treatment program is unique based on their specific needs, there are several components to treatment that are mainstays:

  • individual, group, and family programming and education
  • educational lectures
  • therapeutic activities, including physical activity, equine therapy, and creative work
  • continuing care planning

Get an idea of a typical day in treatment.

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Transitioning to Independence

Family Education and Treatment
Even as young adults work to develop independence, family support, education and treatment is critical. At Caron, we believe the patient is the family and the family is the patient. Parents and family members are part of the treatment process; we immerse them into the full treatment experience. Family programming is individually designed to help family members and their loved ones break the cycle of addiction, heal the past, and embrace the family recovery process. Learn more about our Family Support and Treatment.

Peer Counseling and Education
In peer counseling groups, young men and young women learn to help each other and develop a positive peer culture. We often ask young adults to step out of their comfort zone to learn new strategies of peer support. Relying on one another and working together helps young adults bond and form strong, healthy relationships with their peers.
Hearing from peers who are successful in their recovery is a critical element. As part of our Young Adult Recovery Network, Caron offers a monthly speaker program in which a young adult in recovery addresses current patients.

College Success Program
Our focus is on the future, and for young adults, that often means starting or continuing an advanced education program. Our Pennsylvania and Florida facilities offer a comprehensive College Success program designed to help patients, begin, continue or complete their academic goals in a high school, college/university, vocational school or graduate school program. Learn about the program.

Wilderness Therapy
Available for an additional fee through Dr. George Bright, M.D., at Blackwater Outdoor Experiences. Caron offers a wilderness therapy component that incorporates backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. The program includes:

  • 22-day challenging, year-round courses
  • 1:3 staff to student ratio
  • intensive family component
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Education & Treatment
We value and nurture the family's healing just as much as the patient's. Not only that, we believe that the family's active participation in treatment is necessary for everyone's long-term recovery.
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Since 2010, our collegiate recovery services team has been providing the expertise and resources needed for students to be accepted to and graduate from high school, community college, public and private universities, vocational schools, and graduate schools.
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