Grand View Program

You’ve worked hard for what you have. Don’t let addiction take it away.

Caron Grand View is one of our signature programs, designed specifically for high-achieving men at the center of it all.

Private Accommodations

Full suite of comfortable, therapeutic services for physical, mental, and family health.

Real Connection

Caron works with you to help you stay connected to the people who need you most, whether work or family.

Personalized Support

Small, personalized groups of peers who share your professional and life status.

Craig - Caron Alumni

"Viewing addiction as a disease] helped me realize that it wasn't within my control and that without professional help, there was no way I was going to overcome it. That helped me deal with the guilt and shame. A lot of people don't understand it as a disease so they think you're a bad person or you did something wrong.”

Caron can help

Dive deeper and see how Caron can get you or a loved one closer to recovery.

What to do if you think you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem. Our Admission Specialists can help:

  • Connect with our Grand View Clinical Director
  • Speak to a Caron Physician
  • Meet the Grand View Family Therapist
  • Create a plan considerate of your personal and professional obligations

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