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Harry Cunnane

Harry Cunnane
Regional Vice President
Washington, DC
Harry Cunnane

Harry Cunnane serves as the Regional Vice President of Caron’s Greater Washington, D.C. region, which includes Maryland and Virginia.

In this role, Harry is responsible for advancing Caron’s fundraising efforts in the region, including major gift and campaign work, leadership, and coordination of the annual Washington, D.C. gala, as well as the management and growth of the Caron D.C. Advisory Board.

Harry joined Caron in 2019 as the Regional Resource Director serving the state of New Jersey. In this role, he worked with professionals and families to assist in understanding and accessing all of Caron’s programs. Prior to joining Caron, he spent 10 years in the cycling industry as an international and regional sales manager where he managed a team of 15 people, and oversaw and coordinated large scale, annual sales meetings serving hundreds of people at national and international sites.

He is also the co-author of two books: “Under Our Roof,” an addiction and recovery memoir, and “You Are Always Loved,” a children’s picture book aimed at reducing the stigma of substance use disorder within the household. Harry has been an active member of the recovery community since his recovery began. He participates in a 12-step program and has volunteered at treatment centers and jails to spread a message of hope.

To reach Harry, please email HCunnane@caron.org or call 609-619-2002.

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