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Sarah Alley

Sarah Alley
Recovery Support Specialist
Sarah Alley

As a recovery support specialist, Sarah Alley supports clients as they begin their recovery process, helping them to integrate recovery into their lives and ensuring that they find and make use of the recovery resources that can keep them on track.

Sarah provides similar services for clients’ family members, making sure that they have the support they need to create healthy, open relationships in recovery.

It's rewarding to see patients and family members come together in the year that I work with them. Working on communication, developing healthier behaviors, challenging old behaviors, setting goals for their lives in recovery, and do the work they need to do to meet those goals.

Her 11+ years of experience at Caron and her personal experiences with addiction have equipped her to offer both empathy and motivation.

Sarah has a master’s degree in clinical counseling and is a certified allied addictions practitioner and a certified recovery specialist.

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