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Gender-separate, residential, primary, and extended care treatment for adolescents, young adults, adults, and seniors with drug or alcohol addictions

The Experience

The first thing you might notice when you arrive at Caron Pennsylvania is the inspirational view from our private, mountaintop locale. Even more inspiring are the many success stories of patients and families who come here to start fresh.

We blend addiction rehabilitation and behavioral health treatment with the latest evidence-based practices and historically proven treatment modalities. We believe our success is grounded in our ability to apply a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to true healing for every individual and family we treat.

What you see at Caron is us combining the best of medicine with the rich 12-Step integration history that our founder, Dick Caron, started nearly 60 years ago.
David Rotenberg, MA, MBA, CAC Diplomate, Executive Vice President of Treatment Services
Pennsylvania At A Glance

Caron Treatment Programs

Young Adults (19-25)
Teens (13-18)
Seniors (65+)
Chronic Pain Sufferers
Healthcare Professionals
Prominent Adults Needing Discretion
Residential Assessments

Features & Services

Co-occurring disorders
Medical Detox
Psychological Services
Spiritual Support
On-Site Schooling
Fitness & Recreation
Diet & Nutrition Services
Family Education
Children Teens Education
Neurofeedback Therapy
Continuing Care Support
Online Aftercare Monitoring Program
Pennsylvania Key Programs

The Executive Professionals Program at Grandview

Led by Caron Pennsylvania’s multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers and addiction counselors, the Executive Professionals Program at Grandview is designed to seek out the root causes of an individual’s drug or alcohol problem while providing tools for sustained recovery and work-life balance.

The Grand View Program is situated in a private, secluded area of the Caron Pennsylvania campus. Throughout the rehab process, patients will engage in: weekly addiction counseling sessions, program-specific family education programming, multi-disciplinary group therapy, and individual wellness planning.

Key elements of the program include: integrated professional programming, individualized family education, technology-enabled care, as well as health and fitness programming.

Learn more about the Grand View Program.

Residential Assessments

Every individual is unique, and it’s important that we have the opportunity to work with each individual to assess whether a diagnosable drug problem exists. Residential assessment programs enable our addiction specialists to work one-on-one with patients at Caron Pennsylvania, free from outside influences such as peers or family conflict—offering a more thorough and efficient alternative to outpatient assessments.

Residential assessments are typically five days in length, but can be longer depending on medical, psychological or other issues that may be present. Following the assessment, Caron’s professional staff meets with the patient and family members to review the findings and develop an appropriate plan for treatment.

Learn more about residential assessments.

Neurofeedback Therapy

Most people suffering from substance abuse disorders are also struggling with underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and trauma. Neurofeedback Therapy is a form of "brain-training" that can help patients to better manage their moods and emotions, deal with anxiety and reduce their levels of general distress and discomfort.. This helps patients stay focused on learning new and healthy behaviors and to be able to deal with the triggers that may cause relapse.

Learn more about Neurofeedback Therapy

Seniors Program

Substance abuse in older Americans is the fastest growing health problem facing our country.

At Caron, we understand the importance of age-specific care. We treat seniors (65+) for alcohol and drug addiction and co-occurring disorders through behavioral health therapies designed to preserve dignity and build self-esteem. Our holistic rehabilitation program for seniors includes nurturing, non-confrontational group therapy; weekly group sessions facilitated by a psychologist; and appropriate medical, psychological and psychiatric services -all that work in tandem to restore self-worth and build support networks that foster lasting change.

Learn more about our Seniors Program.

"My experience at Caron has been nothing short of life-altering. For the first time in a long time I am happy. I now understand that true happiness can exist – sober. There is a reason to look to the future. "
Alex W., Pennsylvania
"Sobriety is a wonderful, beautiful thing. Life is such a gift to me today. Caron taught me how to take care of myself and how to love and be loved free from drugs and alcohol."
Julia K, Pennsylvania
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