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Detox Services

With Caron's expert medical care, patients undergo a safe, comfortable withdrawal process.

Closeup of a doctor's hand writing on a clipboard with a patient in the background.

At a Glance

  • Caron Pennsylvania’s expert full-time medical staff

    directs detox care at our on-site state-of-the-art medical center.

  • At Caron Renaissance and Ocean Drive, a clinical team

    closely tracks the progress of patients in detox at a partnering detox center and coordinates their transition to begin treatment.

Highlights of Detox Services

Detox refers to the process of metabolizing drugs and alcohol in a person's system to neutralize their toxic effects. The medical term for detox is “withdrawal management” because when the process is managed correctly, detox helps patients maintain physical comfort as they safely withdraw from the effects of drugs and alcohol. With medically supervised detox, doctors manage symptoms and stabilize the patient’s health.

On-Site Detox at Caron Pennsylvania

The treatment process at Caron Pennsylvania begins with a medical assessment, which includes blood and urine screenings, medical history, psychological assessments, and other testing as applicable. The results of the assessment determine whether a patient would benefit from medical detox (as well as the use of supplemental medication like those used to control craving).

Caron’s team of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other skilled clinicians (most of whom are double-board certified) oversee the detox process at a well equipped on-campus medical center. They continuously evaluate each patient’s withdrawal symptoms and their physical and emotional health, prescribing withdrawal medications as clinically indicated so that patients stay comfortable.

Patients who have co-occurring disorders that require immediate attention receive treatment from Caron’s on-site medical staff when possible. If more specialized care is needed, the patient may be referred to outside providers who have experience working with patients with substance use disorder.

Detox at Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive

Patients of Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive who require detox are referred to a partnering detox center. To ensure continuity and quality of care, Caron’s expert clinical team—with physicians that have extensive experience in addiction medicine—track patients’ progress and determine their readiness for working a treatment program.

Each day, Caron’s clinical team reviews the patient’s chart and meets with the medical staff and patient. Our team receives daily reports on symptoms, medications (as necessary), and progress. Through daily teleconferences with patients, we are accessible to answer questions and remedy concerns as needed. Caron’s clinical team consults with the detox center staff to ensure patients receive the care they need, including treatment for co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, or bi-polar disorder.

Use of Anti-Craving Medications

Recent research indicates that anti-craving medication is an important component of a holistic treatment program. For those patients that need it, anti-craving medication typically works by:

  • Reducing the feelings of craving drugs.
  • Reducing pleasure induced by drugs.
  • Causing severe physical reactions, making the consumption of drugs a negative experience.

Caron uses all psychiatric medications conservatively, including anti-craving drugs. Medical staff and addiction specialists work together to make a careful diagnosis, ensuring that all prescriptions are medically justified.


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