Student Assistance Programs (SAP) for Substance Use

SAP Resources for Parents & Caregivers

Raising children can be difficult. When substance use problems enter the picture, things get a lot more challenging.

Father with arm around his son while walking in a green grass park.

Parents are the #1 influence on their children.

  • When parents and caregivers have skills, knowledge, and resources for substance use and prevention, their influence increases on their children’s actions and decisions.

Caron’s SAP is here for you. We offer evidence-informed educational programming and resources to help prepare you to raise drug-free youth and teens as well as to support you if concerns arise.

School/Community-Based Programs

Available to parents/caregivers when sponsored by a school or community organization

PREP: Prevention Resources & Education for Parents Program

This program is designed for parents and caregivers of children in elementary, middle, and high school. Facilitated by trained SAP specialists, PREP focuses on helping participants understand current youth drug trends and the dangers of use to the developing brain and body. The program empowers parents and caregivers, teaches effective communication skills, and demonstrates how they can talk with their children about substance use, and establish clear rules and consequences at home. Caron's PREP Program is also available to parents in a digital format.

Peak Performance Program for Parents of Student Athletes

This program offers education about the increased risk student athletes face and strategies for how to avoid that risk. In this presentation, parents and caregivers learn how they can communicate substance use prevention messaging to their student athletes.

The Other Talk

This program helps parents of soon-to-be college students communicate accurate, healthy and practical messages to their children regarding alcohol and drug use in college.

Resources for Parents/Caregivers

Available to parents and caregivers anytime, anywhere

"Powerful Parenting Prevention in 3 Minutes" Video Series

This video series of 10 micro-lessons provides parents with information and tips on topics that are key to guiding their child to a healthy lifestyle and creating a substance-free youth culture within their family. Each lesson is presented by an expert from Caron Treatment Center’s Education Alliance and is 3 minutes or less. Available in English and Spanish.

Watch a brief clip:

Conversations That Matter- Behavioral Health Strategies for Building Resilience in Youth

This podcast series explores issues that affect youth mental and behavioral health and provides practical strategies for raising, nurturing, teaching, and encouraging children and teens to build healthy patterns that last a lifetime. In each episode, Tina George, Senior Coordinator of Student Assistance Programming, sits down to speak with an expert about critical topics that address the heart of the challenges our youth face, including social media usage, emerging substance abuse trends, and the pressure to perform.

Digital Learning Program - PREP: Prevention Resources & Education for Parents

This FREE online course provides parents and caregivers with tools and education that research shows can help to reduce the chances their child will use substances during adolescence. This 45-minute interactive digital course can be taken anytime, anywhere. A video version of this program is available in Spanish, click here.

Prevention Playlist on YouTube

For current trends and solutions from our education and prevention experts, watch or subscribe to Caron’s Prevention Connection playlist on YouTube. It's your resource for building a culture of substance-free youth.

Education Resource Kit

Visit our Education Alliance Resource Kit for tools and information on the full continuum of care – from substance use prevention to recovery.

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