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As a parent or youth-serving professional, you are key in the prevention and intervention of substance use among our youth.

This resource kit is filled with tools and information that parents and youth-serving professionals can rely on to help you support children, teens, and young adults through a full continuum of care – from substance use prevention to recovery.

  • Substance use is preventable. When education, skill building and support are provided on a regular basis by caring adults, the chances of youth engaging in risky behaviors like substance use decrease.
  • Some youth have more risk factors than others. Those with a genetic predisposition, those who begin using early in life, those with a history of trauma, those struggling with their mental health and those living in challenging environments are at higher risk for developing substance use disorder (SUD).
  • For those using, early intervention is key. When we identify and intervene with substance use in its early stages, before there is a total loss of control, we can halt the development of SUD and the many consequences it causes.

Access Caron's variety of resources that you can use and share. You can also provide a link from your website to this Education Alliance Resource Kit to make it easily available to those you serve.

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