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At a Glance

  • Substance use reached epidemic levels.

    Stigma, lack of knowledge, and fear all contribute to an individual’s decision to not seek help.

  • An estimated 46%

    of American families are or have been impacted by a loved one’s substance use disorder.

  • Only 10%

    of those suffering with addiction will seek treatment despite a documented 75% remission rate.

  • Turn to Caron for help.

    For 65+ years, Caron has innovated specialized, effective addiction treatment & behavioral healthcare.

  • As a leading provider

    of integrated behavioral health treatment, we have in-depth expertise and experience with both substance use disorder and mental health issues.

One out of every three working adults is directly impacted by substance use disorder.

Substance use among employees, or their family members affects an organization’s culture, morale, and the bottom line and impacts production, lost time, absenteeism, conflict, and turnover. Annual organizational losses are approximately $10,000 per employee.

The Need for Substance Use Education in the Workplace

Prevention, education, and interventions at all levels, including those within organizations, is essential. Workplace involvement has been shown to be one of the most effective tools for individuals to access and engage in successful treatment.

Digital Prevention & Intervention Education Programs

Caron’s online prevention programs educate your employees about substance use, how to prevent it, and what to do if it’s an issue with a colleague or family member.

What You Need to Know About Substance Use
Audience: Employees
This five-part educational video series helps your employees understand the important facts about substance abuse and the impact it can have on their work, family, and relationships. It also explains how employees and employers can work together in supporting a healthier workplace. The series is an excellent addition to your training curriculum or EAP services and can be purchased for individual use or for use by all employees in your organization. Each video is approximately five minutes in length. Topics include:

  • What is substance abuse?
  • How and and why substances are abused.
  • Warning signs.
  • Effects of substance use disorder.
  • Resiliency, recovery, and treatment.

PREP: Prevention Resources and Education for Parents and Caregivers
Audience: Employees
This digital program for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers provides information that research shows can reduce the chances that young people will engage in substance use. Participants will:

  • Learn to identify the different types of substances, their appearance, appeal, and common trends.
  • Understand what addiction is, why the teen brain is particularly vulnerable to the effects of substances, and what key risk and protective factors exist for use and addiction.
  • Learn how to access prevention resources and support if concerns arise that a teen is using alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs.

Substance Use in the Workplace
Audience: Decision makers and HR professionals
Caron Treatment Centers and Cook Family Learning created this multimedia course to meet the needs of organizational leaders who want to take a proactive and informed approach to how their organization is impacted by and policies/practices to address substance use disorder. Topics include:

  • The impact to your bottom line based on the size of your organization.
  • Why no organization is immune – a CEO’s perspective.
  • Scenario-based stories from the workplace.
  • How to recognize behaviors related to harmful and hazardous substance use.
  • Identifying workplace solutions for prevention and treatment.
  • The benefits of creating a supportive corporate culture – a CEO’s perspective.
  • Resources and tools.

Customized Solutions for Your Workplace

The Caron Corporate Education team can consult with you on how you can create a safe and supportive substance-free workplace with prevention and awareness training related to substance use and mental health. We also offer screening services for employees to identify their needs for evaluation and support related to potential substance use and mental health issues.

  • Training for decision makers, human resources, and employees
  • Customized professional development
  • Organizational assessment
  • Policy and practice
  • Customized multi-media resources
  • Employee assessment, screenings, and referrals

Together we can reduce the stigma and impact of addiction and empower your employees to make healthy changes to promote resiliency.

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