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Promoting substance use awareness for your employees and organization

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1 in every 3 working adults faces the direct impact of substance use disorder, with a quarter expressing concern about their level of substance use.

A significant 57% of working adults encounter recognized everyday stressors, while 81% acknowledge that workplace stressors affect their mental well-being.

One in four adults grapple with diagnosable mental health conditions, with over 40 million U.S. adults contending with anxiety and more than 20 million facing challenges related to depression.

Workplace engagement stands out as one of the most effective tools for individuals to access and actively participate in successful support for behavioral health concerns.

Neglected mental and behavioral health issues pose a significant financial burden on businesses. When factoring in lost productivity, heightened absenteeism, increased presenteeism, elevated turnover rates, and the associated costs of hiring, training, recruitment, and knowledge loss, corporations and businesses may incur annual expenses ranging from thousands to millions of dollars.

Is Your Workplace Ready?

The Need for Behavioral Health and Wellness Education in the Workplace

Preventing, educating, and intervening at various levels, including within organizations, is crucial. A workplace centered on well-being is a key element in the broader cultural shifts required to support employee welfare, fostering an environment conducive to mental health and overall wellness.

The Caron Corporate Education team can consult with you on how you can create a safe and resilient workplace with prevention and awareness training related to behavioral, mental health, and substance use.

We can support you through:

  • Trainings for decision makers, human resources, and employees
  • Customized professional development
  • Employee assessment, screenings, and referrals
  • Organizational assessments
  • Development of policies and documentation
  • Customized multi-media resources

Center of Excellence (COE) Treatment for Your Team

Caron provides top-tier care. Caron is a renowned treatment provider distinguished as a Centers of Excellence. The designation as a Centers of Excellence requires exemplary accreditations, expert clinicians, innovative technology, evidence-based treatment methodologies, comprehensive mental health services, educational initiatives, commitment to inclusion, and a seamless continuum of care, ensuring the provision of optimal care. Employees of Collaborative Partners are entitled to a one-time 10% reduction in designated out-of-pocket non-insurance expenses when admitted for treatment.

Together we can reduce the stigma and impacts surrounding behavioral health and empower your employees to make healthy changes to promote resiliency.

Solutions for Your Workplace

Support for Employers

Collaborative Partnership Program

Through the Education Alliance Corporate Education Partnership program, representatives of your organization work with Caron’s experts to support your team’s behavioral health, mental health and substance use recovery needs.

We work together to:

  • Reduce the stigma of mental health
  • Provide prevention education
  • Ensure access to resources and treatment

Being recognized as a Collaborative Partner indicates to your employees and community that you prioritize the health and well-being of your team and believe everyone is entitled to world-class, evidenced-based treatment, and prevention efforts. It signals that you are committed to being an employer of choice.

Your Collaborative Partnership includes:

Access to Caron-produced education, publications, and materials
Prevention and educational resources are available in digital, video, and printed formats. These materials can be seamlessly integrated through Caron's platforms or featured on partner website systems. This collaborative initiative empowers partners to leverage Caron's wealth of content, fostering a synergistic approach to disseminating valuable information and enhancing educational outreach.

Audience-Specific Content
Tailored programs are designed for specific audiences based on their specific needs. These programs are offered twice a year and led by mental health experts, such as educators, therapists, and healthcare providers.

Treatment Navigator
A dedicated Resource Director is at the disposal of Collaborative Partners to assist in facilitating and navigating treatment options and accessibility. This concierge professional collaborates with individuals, families, and members to ensure seamless transitions during treatment.

Your Corporate Health Connection” E-newsletter Subscription
“Your Corporate Connection,” Caron's quarterly corporate education e-newsletter, provides valuable insights into addiction and recovery-related topics, highlights upcoming events, and shares essential resources. The inaugural issue of membership prominently features introductions and announcements of new Collaborative Partners

Designated Out-of-pocket Non-Insurance Treatment Expenses
A one-time 10% reduction in designated out-of-pocket non-insurance expenses when admitted for treatment.

Consultation and Education
Remote consultations are offered for a range of program services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. We provide in-person educational sessions and conference workshops. The programs are presented by Caron Treatment Centers’ dedicated staff and designated members.

"Breakthrough" Leadership Workshop
In a dynamic global landscape, leaders can enhance and elevate their skills through a three-day, in-person workshop. The program is presented by a team of experts from the Caron Breakthrough program.

Wellness Navigator Training for Professionals
Wellness professionals have the power to profoundly impact the quality of a workplace. Caron provides programming and training for these professionals to help them develop effective strategies, guiding employees toward making successful, healthy lifestyle choices.

Logo Placement
Your organization’s logo will appear with other Collaborative Partners on a dedicated page of

“A Collaborative Partner of Caron Treatment Centers Education Alliance” designation.
Partners are invited to include the designation and the Caron Education Alliance logo on letterhead, brochures, written materials, website, and social media.

Event Recognition
Eligibility to be honored at Caron events and galas throughout the year.

Introduction And Acknowledgment
An announcement of your membership will be included in an issue of Your Corporate Connection e-newsletter.

Support for Your Employees

Substance Use Disorders affect the individual personally, as an employee, or as any part of the family system (i.e., parent, partner, sibling, grandparent, etc.) These resources are available to help your employees learn how to recognize and understand substance abuse, have difficult conversations, and find the resources they need.

This five-part educational video series helps your employees understand the important facts about substance abuse and the impact it can have on their work, family, and relationships. It also explains how employees and employers can work together in supporting a healthier workplace. The series is an excellent addition to your training curriculum or EAP services and can be purchased for individual use or for use by all employees in your organization. Each video is approximately five minutes in length. Topics include:

  • What is substance abuse?
  • How and and why substances are abused.
  • Warning signs.
  • Effects of substance use disorder.
  • Resiliency, recovery, and treatment.

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This digital program for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers provides information that research shows can reduce the chances that young people will engage in substance use. Participants will:

  • Learn to identify the different types of substances, their appearance, appeal, and common trends.
  • Understand what addiction is, why the teen brain is particularly vulnerable to the effects of substances, and what key risk and protective factors exist for use and addiction.
  • Learn how to access prevention resources and support if concerns arise that a teen is using alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs.

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This video series of 10 micro-lessons provides parents with information and tips on topics that are key to guiding their child to a healthy lifestyle and creating a substance-free youth culture within their family. Each lesson is presented by an expert from Caron Treatment Center’s Education Alliance and is 3 minutes or less. Available in English and Spanish.

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Caron Corporate Education has partnered with LexisNexis University as part of the continued mission of supporting legal professionals through education, prevention, training, and in-person and virtual experiences.

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We Accept Insurance

Caron is in-network with several insurance providers for residential programs in Pennsylvania as well as some outpatient locations. Learn More

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