Caron Substance Use Prevention Educational Resources

Caron is not only a substance use disorder treatment provider, we also offer extensive substance use education and prevention resources and toolkits to help substance users and their families with decision making and early interventions. Our education and substance and alcohol use resources include video, text, social media, and linked resources for recovery support, alcohol relapse prevention, and general drug addiction prevention.

Our youth-focused resources address underage drinking and drug abuse, youth risk factors like peer pressure and family addiction, and other topics to help with substance-use prevention efforts. Resources come in the form of downloadable PDFs, podcasts for parents, and more. Here are some of the free tools and resources we have available on our site.

Education Alliance Resource Kit

Caron’s Education Alliance Resource Kit aims to help with substance use prevention, intervention, and recovery for people seeking information for themselves, youth and the professionals who serve them as well as parents in their substance use prevention efforts.

Prevention Connection for Parents and Child-Serving Professionals

Caron's Prevention Connection is a social media resource for parents and child-serving professionals with tips for education and intervention of underage drinking, vaping and nicotine use, and drug abuse in children, adolescents and young adults. It’s a place where parents can get tips, information, and resources and feel less alone regarding substance use in their children.

Parent Podcast

Our Parent Podcast is an ongoing series that helps parents talk to their children about drug misuse, alcohol use, and other substance use issues. Topics range from identifying drug use and addiction in their family members to helpful hints about behavioral health, and substance use prevention, treatment, and intervention.

Caron on YouTube

Our YouTube videos have short videos (usually five minutes or less) by Caron substance use prevention specialists with helpful tips for parents and educators in identifying and preventing substance use problems in adolescents.

The Caron Blog

Caron's blog includes a range of alcohol and drug abuse topics from self-assessment to drug abuse prevention. Our substance use articles are written by a variety of in-house and guest writers, many of whom are therapists and subject-matter experts. Whether you are looking for ways to educate family members or looking for drug addiction prevention programs, you're sure to find useful information in our blog.

Caron’s Student Assistance Program (SAP)

You can find even more information, including downloadable PDF resources, through our Student Assistance Programs (SAP). What is SAP? Caron’s Student Assistance Program is a leading educational resource and alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention program. Resources can be found in a variety of areas, including:

These prevention resources are intended to help individuals, parents, caregivers, educators, and service providers develop alcohol and drug abuse prevention plans, which might include a combination of education, discussion, intervention, and therapies (, in the case of active addiction). In a culture where alcohol and drug use is so pervasive, preventing addiction by educating children, adolescents, and high school students about the dangers of alcohol use and drug abuse gives them a head start to lead healthy productive lives.

Other Helpful Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use Prevention Resources for Children, Adolescents, and Young People

There are, of course, other excellent sources of helpful information. Some coalitions that promote substance use prevention include:

Providing youth with substance abuse prevention, education, and support can offset the effects of the messages they might be getting at home. When family members have a substance use disorder, children’s risk factors for addiction increase. Their relationships, progress at school, and mental health are all negatively affected as well.

If you're looking for professional treatment for substance use or need help devising a substance abuse prevention program, Caron offers compassionate, personalized substance use treatment services. Substance use disorder can tear apart relationships and destroy lives. We are here to help. Addiction prevention and treatment give families and individuals opportunities to live healthy and happy lives. Reach out today for a consultation.

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