Services for Families:

During Treatment

Healthy lives in recovery begin with care for the whole family. These services are meant to help the families of loved ones struggling with a substance use disorder during the treatment process.

Caron’s multi-day family programming provides the knowledge, information, and support family members need to better understand substance use disorder and achieve long-term recovery. Our in-depth programs are tailored to provide information specific to the patient’s program. For example, family members of patients in treatment for opioid addiction receive information specific to opioid addiction and recovery while family members of older adults get information specific to aging and substance use disorder.

Family treatment at Caron Renaissance begins with intensive psychosocial assessments of family systems in order to craft customized treatment plans. A dedicated family therapist works with each family to guide them in the treatment process and provides counseling to restore the family system to healthy functioning.

Caron Ocean Drive’s expert clinical team offers support for family relationships so that they are healthy and satisfying for each family member. All loved ones are invited—including immediate and extended family, friends, and colleagues—to participate.

Caron’s support groups offer support for family members, siblings, and significant others at locations throughout the East Coast.

Parent and family support groups are designed to meet the needs of family members at any stage of their loved one’s substance use disorder, whether they are using alcohol and/or drugs in a problematic manner, are currently in treatment, are or are in recovery.

Caron fellowship groups and programs are supportive recovery communities that connect alumni, families, and friends.

Caron Renaissance Support Groups are designed for family members whose loved one is or has been in treatment at Caron Renaissance, but many of the groups are open to other family members as well.

Caron’s events, on all kinds of topics related to addiction and mental health as well as treatment, are offered virtually as well as in person (depending on COVID circumstances). The Family Series, funded by Jay and Lauren Springer, offers events that provide generalized education and information as well as programs specifically for couples, siblings, adult children, and others.

Parent-to-Parent features parents who share how they are coping with the challenges of parenting a child with substance use disorder. The podcast includes mothers and fathers — some of whom are in recovery, some who are married, and others who are not — with children in their teens through adulthood.

Children receive support and education in a safe space that allows them to freely express their feelings. Experienced leaders offer crafts, team-building exercises, recreation, and educational groups as part of the program. Families receive a list of resources that can provide ongoing support for their child.

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Trained SAP specialists facilitate PREP programs, which provide valuable prevention strategies for parents and caregivers of children in elementary, middle, and high school.

This online course describes the impact of addiction on family members and suggests ways professionals can support, provide understanding, and offer resources to the children, teens, and families they serve.

Breakthrough workshops helps people learn how they can create more fulfilling lives and more loving relationships. The workshops are intended for anyone who is interested in looking at and improving their relationships, including those in recovery from a substance use disorder and those impacted by a loved one’s substance use.

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