Services for Families:

After Treatment

Caron’s continuum of care for family members and patients does not stop when treatment ends. Our support continues as you move into Recovery For Life. Many of our family members and alumni participate in our programs and use our services for years after treatment.

Caron’s recovery support specialists provide individualized, clinically driven support, focused on addressing the challenges of after treatment transitions for clients and their family members.

Caron Ocean Drive’s Continuing Care Services support alumni and families by helping them meet the challenges that come their way as they begin their lives in recovery and keeping them connected to . Caron and its network of alumni, providing a lifelong foundation for recovery.

Caron has groups in various locations on the East Coast, from Massachusetts to Florida, for family members, parents, siblings, and significant others.

Parent and family support groups are designed to meet the needs of family members at any stage of their loved one’s substance use disorder, whether they are using alcohol and/or drugs in a problematic manner, are currently in treatment, are or are in recovery.

Caron fellowship groups and programs are supportive recovery communities that connect alumni, families, and friends.

Caron Renaissance Support Groups are designed for family members whose loved one is or has been in treatment at Caron Renaissance, but many of the groups are open to other family members as well.

Caron offers a range of events, both in person (depending on COVID circumstances) and virtually, and many of the events provide useful information for family members. The Family Series, funded by Jay and Lauren Springer, offers events that provide generalized education and information as well as more specialized programs geared specifically to couples, siblings, adult children, and others.

Parent-to-Parent features parents who share how they are coping with the challenges of parenting a child with substance use disorder. The podcast includes mothers and fathers — some of whom are in recovery, some who are married, and others who are not — with children in their teens through adulthood.

This program gives children education, support, and a safe space to express their feelings. Leaders incorporate crafts, team-building exercises, recreation, and educational groups into the program. Families receive a list of resources that can provide ongoing support for their child.

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Facilitated by trained SAP specialists, PREP programs provide valuable prevention strategies for parents and caregivers of children in elementary, middle, and high school.

This online course explains how family members are impacted when addiction is present in their lives and how professionals can provide understanding, support, and resources to the children, teens, and families they serve.

Breakthrough workshops help people discover ways to create more rewarding lives and more loving relationships. The workshops are intended for anyone seeking to examine and improve relational patterns, including those in recovery from a substance use disorder and those impacted by a loved one’s substance use.

Caron’s My Recovery Connection includes services that those leaving treatment can rely on for guidance, support, accountability, and resources in early recovery. This program, which provides support over the course of 12 months, is also a supportive resource for family members.

Caron offers on-campus and regional resources, activities, and support for alumni, families, and friends. Members of Caron’s Recovery Community can draw upon the collective experience, strength, and hope within our welcoming network of alumni who celebrate recovery.

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