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Recovery Ambassadors are the epitome of what it means to be of service in recovery. They are alumni, family members and friends of Caron who provide support, encouragement and understanding to others who are looking for inspiration and motivation to follow the same path. With their words and actions, Recovery Ambassadors share their own experiences – their successes and challenges – to foster connection in the Caron community. They aid in reducing the stigma around substance use and other mental health disorders by being a face and a voice for Caron – and the infinite possibilities of life in recovery.

Recovery Ambassadors give back to Caron through some – or all – of the following ways:

  • Wear a Recovery Ambassador sticker at Caron events. This sticker signifies to others at the event that you are open to talking about Recovery and have your photo taken at the event.
  • Open to being contacted by Caron to about service opportunities.
  • Finally, follow Caron on social media. Like, share and comment on our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Search @carontreatmentcenters on your platform of choice.
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