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What To Say To A Friend Who Drinks Too Much

Consider these things before bringing up the topic.

In What To Say To A Friend Who Drinks Too Much, Women's Health incorporated the view points of a clinician as well as a woman in recovery for a well-rounded advice on reaching out to a friend or family member that you are worried about.

Caron clinical expert Erin Goodhart recommended specific strategies to use when you see the signs and symptoms of substance use disorder. As a Caron alumna who experienced the disease first-hand, Kristen shared her personal perspective on what approaches her loved ones used that she felt resonated, and helped her with her journey from addiction treatment to through recovery.

The risk [of saying nothing] is that you could lose your friend, literally.”

Erin Goodhart
Executive Director of Core Programming, Caron Treatment Centers

It would have been so helpful for friends or family to say they were concerned. Of course, I take responsibility for my actions, but I think just having my behavior pointed out to me would have been valuable.”

Kristen, Caron Alumna
Source: Women's Health Magazine
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