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When You Need to Talk About Addiction: If you think a friend may need help, here’s how to start the conversation.

Source: Men's Health

In When You Need to Talk About Addiction, Men's Health Magazine featured Caron's Chris Owsiany who provided clinical insights to help readers recognize the signs and symptoms of substance use disorder and best practices for approaching a friend or loved one who may need help.

Additionally, Caron's Senior Advisor (and former CEO) Brad Sorte shared his personal story about how his loved ones approached him when they saw him struggle with substance use disorder as a young adult. He reinforced the power of using the right words and approach, and what an enormous, and life-saving, impact they can make. From patient to clinical roles to CEO to Senior Advisor at Caron, Brad's success story is proof that speaking up and getting treatment matters.

“If you wait for someone to see the light, you’ll always be waiting, and it could end up tragically. It’s a huge fallacy that someone has to come to a realization on their own about needing treatment if it’s going to be effective. You need to take action.”

Brad Sorte
Senior Advisor at Caron | Alum | Advocate

It takes strength to be vulnerable. You need courage and bravery to stand up to your friend, and for your friend. It might not feel like that in the moment, but know that you’re doing the right thing.”

Chris Owsiany
Clinical Director of the Men’s Program and Opioid Treatment Programming

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