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Drinking Alone as a Teen May Foreshadow Future Alcohol Problems

Source: Healthline

Healthline tapped into the expertise of Erin Goodhart in its recent article based on a new study from Carnegie Mellon published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence on July 11, 2021. To read the story in Healthline, click "Drinking Alone as a Teen May Foreshadow Future Alcohol Problems."

In addition to sharing that alcohol marketing targets women, Goodhart also noted that women’s biological makeup and hormones mean they’re “significantly” more susceptible to developing an alcohol use disorder at a faster rate than men.

“Between the pandemic and the pressures of daily life, we need to find realistic ways to cope and prioritize wellness. Women are caught in a perfect storm when it comes to alcohol because we are the target of millions of marketing dollars that peg alcohol as the catch-all solution for our anxiety, stress, and even underlying trauma.”

Erin Goodhart
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