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COVID-19 Update

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Addressing the Evolving Situation – News You Can Use

Watch our latest videos regarding updates about our preparedness to manage COVID-19.


Caron’s campuses in Pennsylvania and Florida are, and will remain, open. We continue to provide life-saving treatment services and are accepting new patients, including Older Adults. The disease of addiction loves isolation – and while social isolation is needed in this time of crisis, it is a breeding ground for substance use disorders. Those with substance use disorder and their families need us now more than ever. In particular, we are preparing for individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder, because the closure of liquor stores and bars in many states will force some into potentially life threatening alcohol withdrawal. At this time, the safest place for those with substance use disorder is in treatment.


We continue to provide intensive outpatient and outpatient services at Caron Atlanta, Caron Counselling Services, and Encore Outpatient Services. We’re happy to announce that we will be expanding our telehealth capabilities and will be offering individual and group sessions for current patients and other individuals suffering with substance use disorder who are uncomfortable or unable to leave their homes. We also will be able to offer evaluation services via telehealth. Although our offices in Philadelphia and New York are working remotely in response to their regional health advisories, we are providing telehealth at Philadelphia and virtual support services from New York. These services will launch on Monday, March 23.


Last week, we shared a message with you how Caron stays prepared to mitigate risk and reduce the spread of infectious diseases to continue to keep our campuses safe. Caron has well-established practices, policies, and procedures aimed at preventing the spread of infectious diseases 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please note, all new patients will be pre-screened for possible COVID-19 exposure and symptoms associated with COVID-19 prior to admission.

Caron is uniquely equipped to manage the situation at hand, as well as to forecast and adapt to whatever changes may come in the subsequent weeks and months. Over the years, my team in Pennsylvania has developed a hand-in-glove relationship with Tower Health in Reading, one of the top hospitals in the nation. This powerful relationship allows for seamless communications and case escalation if a patient requires a higher level of care. Florida’s connections with Delray Medical Center also afford a similar layer of stability and safety that helps our families and patients trust that we have the strength, training, and ability to weather this storm.


At the guidance of local and national officials, we have restricted visitation on our campuses, moved non-essential staff members to work remotely, and launched virtual programs and services throughout the continuum. In addition, our Recovery Centers in Philadelphia and New York City are now offering all services remotely.


We recognize that community lockdowns and social distancing can create even greater challenges to those returning home following inpatient treatment. As you know, substance use disorder often presents itself as a disorder of isolation, therefore recovery works best when there is a continuing care plan established that includes a network of support. Caron has established the Bridge to Recovery program to help patients leaving Caron and those in early recovery navigate virtual support options and eventually transition back into their local communities.

The program provides two phone calls per week from a Caron Recovery Support Specialist. These calls focus on topics like developing and maintaining a virtual support network, navigating employment concerns and schedule, stress management, sleep hygiene, and transition planning for when social distancing and other governmental measures are lifted.

Connect with your Regional Resource Director to learn more and click here to view and download the program flyer.


Many alumni join us for fellowship at Caron’s weekly Sunday Chapel Services on our Pennsylvania campus. To protect patients currently on campus for treatment, we ask all visitors (including those who planned to attend to receive their celebration coins) to refrain attending Chapel until further notice. We know that Chapel is a special and sacred place for many, and we will re-connect with you when the visitation restrictions are lifted. Click here to read the full statement from our Chapel Team.  


Caron is connected to support groups throughout the nation. Some regions are under tighter restrictions than others. At this time, most Alumni, Parent, Family and Fellowship Support Groups will continue to meet. When participating in these meetings, we encourage attendees to practice “social distancing” by maintaining 4 ft. of personal space and refraining from shaking hands, hugging and hand-holding. Your Regional Alumni Coordinator can answer any additional questions and will be in touch with any changes in schedule or cancellations.


With the safety and well-being of our Caron community in mind, the decision to postpone Caron events will be made on a case-by-case basis. Should an event be postponed, we will notify registrants and update Caron’s website and events registration page with real-time information.

To date the following events have been postponed:

  • March 15 - CRAA Alumni vs. Staff Softball Game (Florida)
  • March 17 - Common Ground Speaker Series (Berks County)
  • March 22 - The Father Bill Painting Installation Special Chapel Service (Berks County)
  • March 24 - SAP K-12 Training (Philadelphia)
  • March 24 - "What Campus Leaders Need to Know" Workshop (New York)
  • March 25 - Breaking New Ground in Addiction Treatment and Recovery Speaker Series (New York)
  • March 26 - “A Celebration of Women in Recovery” (Philadelphia)
  • March 27 - 2nd Annual Atlanta Community Awards Breakfast (Atlanta)
  • March 28 - On Thin Ice: Understanding Addiction and Family Recovery (Long Island)
  • April 3 - Groundbreaking Ceremony (Florida)
  • April 4 - Breakthrough: Love & Relationships Workshop (Berks County)
  • April 7 - Common Ground Speaker Series (Berks County)
  • April 19 - Caron's Got Talent (Philadelphia)
  • April 23 - Recovery for Life Dinner (Atlanta)
  • April 29 - Richard J. Caron Award of Excellence Dinner (Berks County)
  • May 6 - Caron New York Annual Gala (New York)
  • May 14 - New England Art of Gratitude Gala (Boston)

Please make sure to check the Caron website’s events section for information about events.