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Diet and Nutrition

Eating well is part of being healthy - - and we want you and your loved one to be healthy for a lifetime

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Caron Treatment Centers accepts patients aged 13 years or older. For more information on services available to those 12 and under, please learn more about Caron's Student Assistance Program.

Diet and Nutrition

Nutrition Education

As with any aspect of our treatment process, Caron focuses on giving patients tools to use as they move forward with life. Educating patients about diet and nutrition is a key part of the treatment that we provide at Caron.  Teaching patients about the benefits of healthy nutrition and how to achieve it is an integral part of not only their treatment programming, but also one’s lifelong recovery.  Research suggests that healthy eating habits have a positive impact on recovery and the ability to maintain sobriety.  Therefore, Caron’s on-site staff dietitians provide:

  • Group lectures in which you or your loved one will learn about nutrition
  • One-on-one nutrition consultations

Nutrition is Part of Health

Caron takes a fully integrated approach to helping people who have addiction: we don’t just treat one aspect, but work toward holistic health. Part of being healthy is eating well: the old “you are what you eat” adage arises from a principle of sound nutrition and good diet. We incorporate healthy eating into treatment with a focus on both the food we serve and on laying solid groundwork for good habits after our patients leave.

Diet, Nutrition, and Body Issues

Approximately half of the people we serve suffer from body image issues or an eating disorder. Eating well, and understanding how to continue to make good food-related choices throughout life, can be part of the recovery process for some of these issues.

Meals and Food at Caron Pennsylvania

Our treatment facility in Pennsylvania has two, on-site dining facilities which are structured similar to a college campus dining hall.  Numerous food selections are offered to meet various food preferences while ensuring meals are nutritionally balanced.  Diet and nutrition services in Pennsylvania are managed and run by Sodexo.

We Accommodate Special Diet Considerations.

Many people need or prefer to maintain a specialized diet, whether for religious reasons, food allergies, food addictions, eating disorders, health issues, or other reasons. Our dieticians and executive chef will work personally with you or your loved one to meet any specific needs. For example, we have experience accommodating Kosher meals, gluten-free diets, vegetarian diets, and others.

Meals, Food and Nutrition at Caron Renaissance in Florida

The community living setting at Caron Renaissance promotes responsibility and healthy interactions.  Patients learn to manage life, sobriety and relationships, allowing them to gain the necessary tools and structure to be successful following treatment.  All patients do their own grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation as part of our community living setting.  Our staff will work with patients who have little or no experience in meal preparation and cooking.

Caron Renaissance also offers groups dedicated to nutrition counseling and education.  Patients can be referred to the staff nutritionist as deemed necessary by their therapist or the medical staff.