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Nate Mannino

Nate Mannino
Director of Fitness, Wellness, Recreation and Chronic Pain Specialist
Areas of Expertise:
Program Design and Development, Chronic Pain, Corrective Exercise, Functional Movement
Nate Mannino

As director of Caron’s fitness, wellness, and recreation services, Nate Mannino uses personalized recreation therapy, fitness, and wellness modalities to enhance the mind, body, and spirit of those impacted by addiction and substance abuse. He finds creative ways to educate patients on the value of fitness, wellness, and recreation during their treatment experience as well as throughout their lives in recovery. He also has a leadership role in the treatment of chronic pain patients, managing the services and modalities offered to them.

Nate uses his role and skillset to enhance and grow Caron staff across nearly every department on the Caron Pennsylvania campus. By providing adventure-based counseling for Caron staff, he has created opportunities for departments to work through challenges and gain a deeper understanding of how to thrive as a team. He also provides lectures to both patients and staff on a variety of fitness- and wellness-related topics. Through his role on the wellness committee, he can make a greater impact on Caron’s staff.

He also oversees the Caron Florida fitness and wellness program within the Keele Center. Nate ensures that the Caron Florida program aligns with the Caron Pennsylvania model, following the same mission and vision that helped to grow the Caron Pennsylvania fitness and wellness programs.

Nate started the department in 2012 and took over as director in 2013. He is dedicated to growing, developing, and empowering his staff so they can provide the highest quality services and patient care. He also continuously looks for ways to improve the facilities Caron offers patients.

Before coming to Caron, he was a certified professional trainer for four years and the head golf professional at a country club.

Nate is a certified professional trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified corrective exercise specialist, certified alcohol and drug counselor, and certified ropes course facilitator. He has a Bachelor of Science in sports management from Alvernia University.

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